Angeloid003's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


Commissions are always open, just be patient, i'm fast but sometimes i have things to do, i can finish commission as soon as possible n_n.

UNLIMITED SLOTS!!! You can contact me via MP to know how is going your commission (normally i contact back when starting or finishing).

Will Do / Won't Do

Things i do and likes:
-Furries!!! owo
-Foot fetish.
-Cock vore, tail vore, Unbirth, oral, wathever!!!.
-Any other type of vore (except gore, scat or fart).
-Cute girls!!!
-Boys too!!!
-Willing or unwilling.
-Gore (hard digestion, etc)

What i do not like to do:

-Scat (piss is okay, i love it)



Full Shading, color, super detail: $33
Cellshading, color, medium?: $23
Flat color, some shades: $13


Comic page setup: $7
Add a detailed Background!: $10
Add an third character!*: $7
Reference sheet setup (only one per sheet): $7

*Because obviously there are two characters.

For comics i charge $7 more because each comic page has lots of drawings on it.

For comics i can do special prices from the fifth page, then 5 by 5 pages there will be discounts.

Every of my works are done carefully and dedicated to be the best i can, you will not be dissapointed c:

I do non vore stuff too!

I do normal art too, fancharacters or any other type of art.


Contact me via MP!


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