AranelxNiphredil's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Only rule! Don't rush me! Time obviously varies on what you order and other commissions I have.
The way to start a commission is you simply just PM me. Then we will go from there.

You are more than welcomed to request one of my characters to be apart of your commission!

Will Do / Won't Do

As for won't do this is more a case to case. I am pretty much open to everything, it more has to do with if I have the skills to do it. So PM with what you'd like and we can discuss it.


Line Pencil Drawing - 10$
Line Pencil Comic - 25$ + 5$ per panel

Line Inked Drawing - 15$
Line Inked Comic - 35$ + 10$ per panel

Clean Lines Drawing - 25$
Clean Lines Comic - 45$ + 15$ per panel

Flat Color Drawing - 30$
Flat Color Comic - 55$ + 20$ per panel

Full Color Drawing - 50$
Full Color Comic - 80$ + 20$ per panel

All are a 2 Charater limit. 5$+ per extra character
Comics start at base price with 4 panels. I charge by panel, not by page.

Price can vary depending on complexity, these are just starting prices.

I also do short story request. Those rates vary and when making a story request I will go over them with you.

I accept payment through Paypal, tips are always appreciated!

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Just PM me here!


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