AranelxNiphredil's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Only rule! Don't rush me! Time obviously varies on what you order and other commissions I have.
The way to start a commission is you simply just PM me. Then we will go from there.

Will Do / Won't Do

As for won't do this is more a case to case so PM with what you'd like and we can discuss it.


Line Drawings - 15$
Line Drawing Comic - Discuss in PM

Line Drawing Inked - 20$
Line Comic Inked - Discuss in PM

Drawings colored in color pencil - 35$
Color Pencil Comic - Discuss in PM

Photoshop colored Drawings - 30$
Photoshop Comic - Discuss in PM

All are 2 Charater limit. 5$+ per character
Comics start at base price with 2 pages and then shall discuss addition every extra page.

I also do short story request. Those rates vary and when making a story request I will go over them with you.


Just PM me here!


  1. Status: Completed - Kat for vorelover14
  2. Status: Open
  3. Status: Open