Arthotus' posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Timeline: Depends entirely on the length and content of the story. I will give you the estimation when I accept your request, but unless the story is overly long, or I’m suddenly very popular, I’ll do my best to keep the wait time to no more than a week.

You may ask to see the progress at any time, and I may show you progress without prompt to make sure I’m writing YOUR story. Secondarily, I may ask you for more details if

Payment Method: Paypal, once the story is complete.

Requests: I’m open to hearing requests, and if they catch my imagination, I might write them up. If I do, I’ll inform whoever requested that story and give them credit for the idea.

Trades: I’m certainly open to trades, though I haven’t done any. I’ve always been interested in writing stories for images, so message me if you have a preposition.

Posting: It is up to you, as the commissioner, if you'd like to post it, if you'd like me to post it, both or neither. If you do wish to keep or post it in my place, please give me credit for writing it. Thank you.

Will Do / Won't Do

Definitely: -Female Prey
-Monstrous Predators
-Feral Predators
-Unwilling Prey
-Oral Vore
-Sexual Themes/Content

Sure: -Human/Humanoid Predators/Same Size
-Large Size Difference/Macro/Micro
-Graphic Digestion
-Most other kinds of vore
-Non-hard vore violence and combat

No: -Scat(Though I can do non descriptive disposal)
-Extremely Hard vore(I'll toe the line, but don't expect wonders)
-Underage sexual interactions

These lists aren’t exhaustive, and if I’m uncomfortable with something, I’ll let you know. I won't be offended if you ask about something I didn't list either.


Base Price will be $5 per 1000 Words, up to the first 4000 Words. After that, price goes up to $7.50 per 1000 words. IE a 6000 word story would be worth $35. I also reserve the right to charge a little extra for stories longer than 8000 words, but that’ll depend a lot on how in depth your plan is for those 8000+ words, including the price adjustments below. I’ll make an effort to round the words of a story to the agreed word count, but I won’t charge extra if I get overzealous. I also don’t really write ‘mini’ stories, so 1000 words is basically the minimum I’ll do.

Additional Expenses/Discounts
+25%($1.25/ 1000 Words) Almost Zero description for your request. If you give me a very generic request, such as ‘Snake eats woman in forest’, I’ll do my best to write the length you wish, but it’ll cost you a bit extra because I’ll have to make up everything from scratch.

+10% ($0.50/1000Words), Vague description of events. If you give me an outline for the whole story, but very few details about what you expect to go on, I once again need to fill in those details. For example, you ask for a story where a young woman goes swimming in a friend’s pool while they are away, and she gets eaten by a monster they keep in the pool. You specify you want the friend to come home and get eaten as well. Good, I have a solid amount of material to make a story, but few details, so I’ll come up with it all for a slight mark up of price.

+20%($1/1000 Words) Male Victims. I’m a primarily female victim writer. I can write you a male victim, but it’s definitely outside what I prefer.

+20%($1/1000 Words) Adaptation of Other works I am unfamiliar with. If you want a ‘fan-fic’ of another piece of writing, or video game, or movie, ect, I need to put more effort in to understand the characters and setting involved. If you want me to expand or continue on someone else’s story from here on Eka’s or elsewhere, I expect you to get their permission for me to do so. I will not ask on your behalf.

-20%($1/1000 Words) Continuation or Adaptation of my own work. If you wanted me to change something in one of my stories, or to continue writing a story that I may or may not have finished, I’ll give a discount. It’s my own work, so it’s definitely easier for me to manipulate.

-10%($0.50/1000 Words) Very well detailed outline of the story. If your description of a 3000 word story is already 400+ words, I probably won’t need to put much thought into bringing your story into being.


Contact: Through Eka’s personal messaging system. I’m around fairly frequently, so I should be able to get a response to any inquiries within at least a day or two.


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open