Aru's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


Hello there!, thanks for your interest~

Feel free to contact me if you need further information

- I only receive paypal payments, and you have to pay the fee paypal charges!
- NO REFUNDS! is a mess sometimes to try to do them since I convert the money in my local currency and it take days, please be sure that you want to commission before doing so
- Payments are done after you tell me the details of your pic and we both accept the terms of the comm (To avoid retreat after showing advances)
- Please be as clear as possible!, the more references, the better
- I'm willing to make minor changes mid and after finish the product in order to keep the client satisfied
- Consider that your comm will take between 2 weeks and 2 months to be finished, it depends on the comms and stuff I gotta do before yours so please be patient!
- Please be friendly, thanks <3

Will Do / Won't Do

Won't do:
- Mecha
- Real life people
- Scat
- Watersport
- Hardvore
- Children
- Ovecomplicated stuff
- Gore
- CV
- Furries atm (you can ask tho)

Will do:
Anything else, but please consider I'm pretty new doing a lot of stuff.
What I know I can do so far is:
- Same size
- Macro/micro
- Digestion
- Female or male pred
- Struggles and imprints
- Internal view
- UB
- AV
(Feel free to ask if you want something else, I don't bite)


- Sketch : $30
- Flat Colors : $40
- Full Colors: $60
Extra characters - 70% of the original price

Comic prices are up to adjustment based on the composition and complexity, check Commission Sheet (Comic) for details
Don't hesitate in ask for pricing~
Extra characters - 70% of the original price applies for each panel individually
Note: Min and max panels in comic comms are going to be informed in each commission batch blog

Extra pricing:

The following details are up to negotiation based on their complexity (between 5$-15$ each):
- Extra items like weapons or decorations
- Complex backgrounds
- Detailed/complex imprints

The following items are completely free:
- Simple backgrounds
- Hand imprints/Face imprint
- Random bulges
- Sound FX
- Dialogue


- You can contact me on discord: merengaru (optimal)
- Also feel free to PM me here


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open