AustinDR's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


1) Male or female vore is fine; I won't discriminate there.
2) Graphic digestion...I prefer more of a melty slurry kind of digestion. Otherwise, visible digestion I can do, but it won't be necessarily watching the body fall apart. Think of it like putting butter in a microwave and you get the idea.
3) Weight gain is also fine.
4) Types of vore; mainly I do oral, sometimes naval, and occasionally breast/cleavage/nipple. CV of both male and female (futanari) are acceptable.
5) Scat. It is kind of dependent on the context. If you were to ask me for a story, I would have no issue fully describing the prey being reduced to stool and being pushed through the small and large intestines. Otherwise, I will not draw the disposal in question for personal reasons.
6) No requests of characters that you hate. I will not humor that kind of revenge fantasy.
7) No rape or sexual violence. I do not find it "sexy" and anyone else is free to like it and perhaps ask for some other user to do it.
8) Same size is mostly what I do; I could try to branch out more with perhaps giantesses.
9) Only two requests; a requester has to wait for about 30 days to ask for one. The user in question is prohibited from asking for another request if they already did the first come first served one. That would give a little bit of an opportunity for a different user to ask for one.
10) You can PM me on a request, but respect my decision if I were to decline your request. Any attempts of trying to force me to will be denied.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do:
1) Female vore
2) Male vore
3) Scat & farting (rare instances)
4) Breast vore/Cleavage vore
5) Navel vore
6) Nudity (in rare cases)
7) Any franchise is acceptable.
8) Stories (but be warned that given outside influences, it depends on how long the length would be)

Won't Do:
1) Sex
2) Animal preds (if they are humanlike in appearance ex. Sonic the Hedgehog, kitsunes, mythological figures such as mermaids, that is permissible)
4) Comics (one-page things are fine.)
5) As I have said with furries, no Pokémon related creatures will be suggested. More humanesque Pokémon like Gardevoir are accepted)




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  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open