Badfurson's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: No


PLEASE observe the list of WILL/WON'Ts, I don't like turning people away-but there are some things I just won't do.

Understand that I am doing these for FREE at the moment-I'm not going to put these above what I'm working on as main projects, if these requests take a while-don't be impatient, I haven't forgotten, I'm just busy. Requests are non-binding; if I am forced to drop a request for any reason, I apologize. Requests will be accepted based on personal appeal. May be worked on over several months, in extreme cases they may be prolonged indefinitely if my workflow increases.

I'm very new to drawing for commission, expect weirdness and some issues in communication. If you have paid for art, I will complete it. In the event that I can't, or you violate my terms, I will either refund you-or send you the current state of the project-depending on when said interruption occurs.

Will Do / Won't Do

Generally adhere to this:


Humans (in drawings)

Not Interested;
Cock Vore
Breast Vore

Hard Won'ts:

Nonstandard(Nasal, Armpit, ETC)
Scat Eating

Please ask if you are unsure whether or not I will go for it!


COMMISSION SHEET: Ask about commissions!

REQUESTS: REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY SKETCH ONLY! And single image, unless you are a friend or I really like your prompt. Create a prompt, either featuring your own characters-or some of mine, or both-and send it to me. If I accept, I'll ask for references, and a detailed description of each character.

Collab/Trade: Contextual. Ask me if you're interested.


PM me here, or on FA (I prefer here).

Discord: Badfurson (#7534)


  1. Status: Reserved
  2. Status: Reserved
  3. Status: Open for Commission
  4. Status: Open for Commission
  5. Status: Open for Commission