Belloc's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


NO NEW COMMISSIONS AT THIS TIME! Going to finish up the current batch and take some time for personals.

When I start a project, I will always send you an outline first to verify that I am writing the story you actually want.
You can ask to see the rough draft at any time during the writing process.
If you want to remain anonymous or don't want the story posted on the portal, let me know. If I am not told otherwise, I will post all commissions/trades to the portal with credit to the commissioner.
You can certainly post the story in your own gallery! Just please give credit and don't pass it off as your own.
No refunds, I'm afraid.
I do not do requests, but I will do trades.

Will Do / Won't Do

What I Will Never Do:
Underage Sexual Content.


All payments done in USD through PayPal. You only have to pay when the story is finished.

For a visual representation of the new scheme, see HUGE credit to  Jobix for both this graphic and the pricing scheme itself.

Pricing is now based entirely on the length of the story itself:

Short stories (500-1000 words): $7
Normal stories (~2000 words): $15
Longer stories (~5000 words): $35
Any other lengths will be determined by adding the previous tiers together (ex. 7000 would be $50 as adding the 2000 and 5000 together).


Shoot me a PM! I'm always open to inquiries. If I'm closed, keep an eye on my blog or forum thread for news about openings.