Belloc's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


PRICE CHANGE! I am upping my prices to $15 per 1000.

Be aware of a couple of new things:
1. My prices have changed again. The basic model is now going to be: $15 per every 1000 words. So $30 for 2000, $45 for 3000, etc.
2. I'm not necessarily sticking to a first come, first served model. I'll add accepted comms to the queue and go by it roughly; if anything influences when you'll get your's, I'll be letting you know!
3. MY PAYPAL HAS CHANGED! If you've paid me in the past, my paypal is no longer the same, so please make sure to verify you have my new paypal email before you send any payments.

When I start a project, I will always send you an outline first to verify that I am writing the story you actually want.
You can ask to see the rough draft at any time during the writing process.
If you want to remain anonymous or don't want the story posted on the portal, let me know. If I am not told otherwise, I will choose whether to post commissions/trades to the portal or not (with credit to the commissioner.)
You can certainly post the story in your own gallery! Just please give credit and don't pass it off as your own.
No refunds, I'm afraid.
I do not do requests, but I will do trades sometimes. I'm sort of picky about who I trade with, so please don't be offended if I say no.

Will Do / Won't Do

What I Will Never Do:
Underage Sexual Content.


All payments done in USD through PayPal. You only have to pay when the story is finished.

Pricing is now based entirely on the length of the story itself with a simple model:

$15 per 1000 words. So a 3000 word story would be $45 and a 5000 word story would be $75.


Shoot me a PM! I'm always open to inquiries. If I'm closed, keep an eye on my blog or forum thread for news about openings.