Bright's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


1. I accept requests from people I know, like or have talked to before.
2. It has to be something I want to draw.
3. Ask nicely.
4. I have the option of saying no. I'm not obligated to Draw Your idea.

Will Do / Won't Do

I like Oral vore, female predators and bellies.
I can draw stomachs and wetness.

I am not particularly fond of:
Anal vore, gore, cockvore.

How likely I'm to Draw something:
+ You have an original character
++ Said character is a female predator
+++ Said character has a vore belly
+++ You want me to Draw Your character eating mine
+ You want me to Draw one of my characters
++ You want me to Draw one of my female predators eating one of Your characters
+ You're watching me.
+ You're asking nicely.
+ I like the idea.

- You're being obnoxious about it.
-- The character isn't Yours.
--- You keep asking even if I said no.


Equal for equal trades. Art for art. Or art for story.

If you want a commission ask me about it.
I'm sure we can agree on a price.


Send me a pm.

  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open