BunnyLily's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


\General informations/

I'm barely making my entrance in the world of commissions, so rules may change at some point depending on my experiences and other parameters.

-I can be quite picky, and I don't feel comfortable with everything, so I might refuse some commissions based on my personal tastes (I wouldn't write a decent work with something I dislike anyway).

-I am not fond of writing about canon characters, and as of now there is no exception. That might change one day if I begin working with canon characters on my own, but I wouldn't bet on that.

-I obviously have (lots of) things to do outside of Eka, so I can't give a precise amount of time writing a story would take me. That being said, once I begin something, I try not to put it aside for too long, so depending on the length and my availability, something like one to two or three weeks should be an appropriate estimate.

-Politeness, manners and tolerance are always, if not a must-have, at least highly appreciated, so please try to not be rude or lash out at me for whatever reason (it might even help in some cases).

-Tell me whether you'd like to upload your commission on your own gallery, else (if it's fitting), I'll upload it on mine (probably).

-It can be easier if you provides details and a relatively rough idea of what you want to happen, but I wouldn't feel too comfortable having no freedom in my writing, so please bear that in mind.

-Payment will happen beforehand (I don't want to work for nothing), but I like people to know what's going on, so I'll keep you up to date with the progression of the commission.

-Once I begin writing, there'll be no heavy modification of the storyline. Slight changes to what has already been written, as well as coherent modifications to the yet-to-be-written plot are fine, but I have the final word on that matter.

Will Do / Won't Do

This "Will do" list will try to be exhaustive, but I will forget some things, and I don't know everything (nor did I already write about everything obviously), so if there's a doubt you can still ask me. As for the "Won't", I'll list some general categories and some precise elements, but then again there are things I might not think about.

~What I prefer or feel comfortable with~

-cooking vore (including cuts and stuffing)
-willing, "fine with it", neutral/reluctant to willing
-lolis/underage (pred/prey)
-humans and humanoids
-non-fatal stories

~What I would probably be fine or lack experience with (might add a slight fee)~

-M/F, ?/F
-Oral vore (I'm a bit interested in getting involved with that, but I'm not experienced and probably not the best person to turn to in that case; would also imply preds like large snakes or frogs)
-fatal stories
-partially willing/"not what I wanted, but not too bad"
-some other settings (daily life, other details... as long as it's not too much and still in line with these guidelines and my tastes)
-some cliché scenarios (like the cannibal tribe, I don't really like these but I could probably write about it in some way)
-sex scenes (although I'm not yet experienced with these, so that'd had to be discussed first)

~What I won't do, most likely ever~

-other types of vore
-violence, forcefulness, against-the-will and everything that follows (unwilling, rape, torture...)
-anthros/furries (monster girls that have lots of features, but still remain mostly humanoids are fine)
-gore (blood everywhere, innards... regarding dismemberment/complete stuffing, I just mention it and consider it "cleaner" than it would really be)
-everything scat and affiliated

You can always ask me for more details, I'll be happy to provide and see what can work out.

Note : I can also write in French (obviously), but I tend to translate whatever I write in French to English in order to reach a larger public. The same goes for commissions, but since I translate everything myself I'd charge a little bit more.


Since I'm a beginner with commissions, I am not exactly sure about the pricing, so I'll try to keep it fair. It might evolve depending on how things go, but if for a given story you think it's really overpriced, I'll be open to negociation.

As of now, I mainly write relatively short stories (about 6 to 8 pages on Libreoffice Writer, a bit more on Word). Such a story would be priced 15$, because they aren't too long or detailed.
A longer story (think 10+ pages) would go for 20$, with a limit (my longest story to date is 13-pages long, so the limit for now would be around 16 or 17 for the same pricing).

The basis regarding characters will be one pred and one prey (as in one character preparing/enjoying another character, in an active manner).For short stories, another active character (whether pred or prey) can be added for free, so long as it doesn't double the story's length.

For longer stories, 3 or 4 active characters can serve as the basis.

In both cases, subsequent active characters will add 5$ each to the final price.

Non-vore, detailed elements (like sex scenes or other specific events) will add 5 to 10$ to the price based on the contents and length.

Passive characters (observers, bystanders, absent characters) that aren't interacting with the story are included in the base story, as are the preparation, cooking and eventually serving/carving.

Commissions for French stories that I'll then translate to English will add 5$ to the price.

All that being said, I am open for flexibility (as long as it is reasonable) and will discuss the prices with you depending on the expectations.


PMs on Eka's will be the preferred way to contact me, and I check this place at least once a day (unless rare, specific occurences). If I deem it better, I'll move the discussion over to Discord (like for lengthy discussions about the details you want to include).

I'll provide my PayPal once everything is settled (but please be understanding, as I am not used to it, I might be a bit messy for a while).

Again, being nice and polite is a very appreciated trait, so if you're open and respectful everything should be fine!

Hoping you'll find some joy in what I can provide :3


  1. Status: Open