CMvoreroom's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


Please include the PM subject as the following:
Commission – (insert your chosen method) – (your name/username)

Examples of what it should look like:
~ Commission – (Bust | Line Art) – (Mike213)
~ Commission – (Comic | Deluxe Monochrome) – (Josh_Under41)
~ Commission – (Sequence | Flat Colours) – (SheFeed53)
All info on characters, dialogues and image references must go under (CHECKING FORMAT), including the following checking categories:
Characters (if there is more then one character, make a separate entry below the first; and so on)
Dialogue (optional)
SFX (optional)
Background/Objects (optional)

An example of what it should look like:

• Characters
The character is (characters’ FULL name: if they’re not your own, make sure to include what media they’re from) They look like the: image/link reference] but I’d like them to wear this: image/link reference]

• Framed/Posed
I want to have the character in a pose similar to this image/link reference] only more emphasis on the perspective.

• Dialogue
Have (characters name) looking blushful; seemingly worried slightly.
‘Characters Name’ - “Oh… I hope she’s okay.”

• SFX:
I would like to have rumbling stomach sounds while also a mixture of muffled sobbing from within. Could the font of the stomach SFXs look like this: image/link reference] and could you make the sounds of sobbing look like this: image/link reference]

Because this is about your OC, character bio and image references are even more paramount, since I would need to know how they would look from whatever side they would be facing; depending on the amount of detail you wish the character sheet to have.

The MAXIMUM of images available is 4 to 5, and can not be raised.

The MAXIMUM of panels available per page is 5 to 6 and can not be raised, so make sure you have a good idea on how it should all be laid out.

Again under CHECKING FORMAT, write down the Page Number and Panel Number of said page. Below each panel number describe, in detail, what you want (again the category is the same as the single image layout). Because it is a comic, even MORE info is needed to help me visualise what is it you want.
Depending if everything is in order and is within my skill range, I will message back saying whether or not I will do you’re commission. Depending on the amount of work, the way I’m feeling or if there’s stuff happening in my life that negates me from working, will add on the the waiting period. If you find yourself waiting for too long and no longer wish to continue with your commission, then please let me know.

When I get started on your commission, I will put what phase we're at on the PM subject title. I will update you on the work as it progresses, including any problems if they appear.

Phase 1 – I’ll let you know that I’m ready to start working on your commission. I’ll ask for your email address for the 50% upfront payment of the piece, once done I can continue. Any changes you may have on your commission (i.e. changing the method, changing the characters, tweaking the dialog etc.) can be changed here, however the changes (depending on how big the changes) will add on to the price to the overall commission.

Phase 2 – I’ll be sending you sketches on how things are going/looking (Link to Example). At this point we can discuss changes, things that need adding/removing or fixing. Be aware of the amount of changes you make; doing so will add on to the cost as seen in the price sheet. I will offer suggestions to the piece if need be.

Phase 3 – If you’re happy with the way things are and are ready to continue, I’ll send you the final invoice details.

Aside from the other payment details, there will be a “rough estimate” of the hours spent working on the commission (£10 being my hourly rate). This is not set in stone and may change depending on my development as an artist and the speed on witch I can do the art in question.

Phase 4 – Once the transaction is done, I’ll get started on finishing the commission. I will try as often as I can to send you updates on the piece.

Phase 5 – It’s done and will be enclosed in the PM.

• Any changes from Phase 3 onwards will cost you, so make sure to keep that in mind. If you can't/won't pay for the extra bit of work, then the commission will be denied with no-refunds.
• Let me know wether or not your commission is to remain private. If you don’t, I will post it on my gallery page anyway.
• No, I will not remove my signature on the piece.

I reserve the right to refuse service under any at all circumstances, including but not limited to:
• Harassment
• Disrespectful Behaviour
• Illegal Activities
• Unprofessional Attitude
• Abuse on the Part of the Customer
• Continuing Lack of Information of the Customer
• Not Following the Guidelines and Rules on this Commission Status

Will Do / Won't Do

Female Preds, Male/Female Pray, Sexy Stuff, Ecchi Stuff, Monster Girls, Size Difference, Giantess, Funny Stuff, Expressions, Soft Domination, Non-Vore Related, Oral Vore, Soft Vore, Same Size Vore, Anal Vore, Unbirth, Absorption Vore/Fusion, M/F Sex, F/F Sex, Tail Vore, Post-Vore/Weight Gain

Futa (no balls), Furries,

Male Preds (of any kind), Hard Vore, Gore, Scat, Watersport, Cock Vore, Farting, Ponies, Trash Vore, Inflation, Hard Domination, Trap/Femboy, Underaged Characters, Snuff, Sonic OC’s

Anything else I forgot to put in here, please ask first before giving me your Commission PM and I'll see if I can make it happen. If I am adamant about not doing something, please do not confront me about it, this is just mere preference. If you like it, more power to you.


All pricing (i.e. Profile, Bust, Half etc.) are a "baseline" for one character featuring in the image, including Sequences; price for a Comic Page features two characters. The baseline price is only a starting point for the method of your choosing and does not portray the full price of the commission.

50% of the baseline payment is required upfront before I start to work on the rough sketch. If you do not have the payment at this point in time then please let me know so that we can discuss the best time for the transaction.

Please keep in mind that when the time comes to pay the full price of the commission, the rest of the baseline price will be added up by the following:
- Additional Character Increases Baseline Payment to 75% (internal shots will count; no internal shots won't count)
- Commercial Use Rights Increases Payment to 50%
- Additional Details Increases Wildly Depending on Complexity (e.g. backgrounds, tatoos, robots, buildings etc.)
- Specific Art Style Increases Wildly Depending on Complexity
- Designer Fee for Any Changes Made During the Rough Sketch Phase; Changes Made After This Phase Will Cost More.
- Difficulty of Task
- Lack of Proper Reference Images/Sheets etc.
- Hours of Working on the Commission (£10 is my Hourly Rate)

Profile - £10
Bust - £12
Half - £15
Full Body - £20

*Character Sheet - £30
*Sequence - £40
*Comic Page - £50

Profile - £20
Bust - £22
Half - £25
Full Body - £30

*Character Sheet - £40
*Sequence - £50
*Comic Page - £60

Profile - £25
Bust - £27
Half - £30
Full Body - £35

*Character Sheet - £45
*Sequence - £55
*Comic Page - £65

Profile - £30
Bust - £32
Half - £35
Full Body - £40

*Character Sheet - £50
*Sequence - £60
*Comic Page - £70

Profile - £40
Bust - £42
Half - £45
Full Body - £50

*Character Sheet - £60
*Sequence - £70
*Comic Page - £80

Profile - £45
Bust - £47
Half - £50
Full Body - £55

*Character Sheet - £65
*Sequence - £75
*Comic Page - £85

Profile - £50
Bust - £52
Half - £55
Full Body - £60

*Character Sheet - £70
*Sequence - £80
*Comic Page - £90


PM me on my Eka page, no need to contact me anywhere else.
If you've decided, then thank you in advance for giving me the chance to do your commission. I'll make sure to put my 100% into the work! Thank you!


  1. Status: 100% - SINGLE IMAGE SLOT
  2. Status: Completed - Full Body | Deluxe Cel Shading for NeedADispenserHere
  3. Status: Completed - Full Body | Deluxe Cel Shading for Anon
  4. Status: 75% - SEQUENCE SLOT
  5. Status: Completed - Simple Monochrome for Apitop
  6. Status: Completed - Simple Monochrome for theweirdone445
  7. Status: 0% - COMIC SLOT
  8. Status: Reserved - Simple Cel Shading for JSXeno
  9. Status: Reserved - Line Art for Narrows