Chameleonette's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No



1.) Be respectful in your commission requests.
2.) Don't nag/be a jerk about pricing. If you're not interested, you're not interested.
3.) Please keep in mind that I have a life, as well. I will try to get commissions done as soon as possible and send progress updates if asked.
4.) Please remember to take into account PayPal's fee! I didn't realize this for quite awhile, but someone set me straight - so please be prepared to pay for PayPal's transaction fees or it decreases the amount you actually paid for the commission. (EX: Commission for $35 actually came to $33.33 after PayPal took its tax. Not the same amount as asked for the commission at $35.)
5.) IMPORTANT: PayPal has now implemented an address system. Please choose the option "No address needed" when sending your payment! In the comment section, simply put "Payment from 'your name' " so I know it's from you. (Do not include WHAT it is that you're buying/mention the fetish or content, etc.)
6. ) Please include character references in your commission inquires! If you only have a description and nothing more for me to work with, I may turn it down or charge extra.

Will Do / Won't Do

WILL do: Original characters, fandom characters, human, demi-human, softcore porn/nudity, Shipping/romance

Vore specific: M/F, M/?, Macro/Micro (micros WILL count as an additional character), Same-size, Size Difference, Stuffing, Internal shots

MAYBE/Not comfortable with/no experience with (will cost extra if I accept it): Anthro characters, Snakes/Plants, Cock vore, Anal vore, Alt vore

WILL NOT do (general): Female preds, M/M (Sometimes exceptions are made for this for additional payment--you can ask, but I make no promises), Mechas/Machinery, Gore (mild horror is OK), Extensive comics, Animals (Demi-human is OK--Furries MAY be attempted, but be aware that I have almost zero experience in drawing them in the last 10 or so years.), heavy/very explicit yaoi/yuri/hentai (zero experience), monsters, difficult perspectives, heavy action scenes with weapons/etc.

WILL NOT (vore specific): Herms, Unbirth, Monsters and most Animals (Can't draw them to save my life, sorry.) You are free to inquire to the type of animal, though, and I will tell you if I can do it or not.

Other/Special kinks (not listed): Please ask.


Currently only offering DRAWING COMMISSIONS! (Note: These are done on paper and scanned---digital work/coloring is currently NOT available due to my shitty computer, thanks for understanding. Since they're completely by-hand and I don't have the magic of digital, the prices have been upped slightly.)

Clean Sketch/Drawing (No shading): $18 per character (additional character also counts as an internal shot addition, if it's a vore image), +9$ for smaller/size difference character | $12 per character for half body images (+6 for micro/small character addition)

Fully shaded and detailed Drawing: $30 per character (or vore internal, if applicable), +15$ for smaller character addition | $20 per character for half body images (+10 for small character addition)

Non-full body/half body image prices (Ex: bust/thigh level) will be discussed on a case by case basis. Backgrounds do not come default and WILL cost extra, even simple ones.

SEQUENCES - Must be inquired about. I do not have set prices for them. And I may or may not turn them down, depending on complexity of the commission and depending on what's offered for them.

ALL PAYMENTS ARE TO BE SENT TO: [email protected] (PayPal address) OR My Ko-fi, found here:

Please pay BEFORE the art is made! (I have had a past issue with this, which prevented me from taking commissions for a long time.)

Also, payments are USD (US Dollars) or the equivalent of USD in your currency! If you are paying in something other than USD, please convert properly before sending the money!


Please contact me at: [email protected]

You can send a PM here on Eka's, as well.

I will answer questions, if you have any, and discuss about commission requests.


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