Cookingart's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


New rule: I can only do five commissions and close commission for two months when I am on holiday or Finnish five commissions.

Will Do / Won't Do

I will do only cooking vore.
I can do animation gif.
Will do pinups
Will do furry, and humanoid (animal parts). (Female only)
I can design a characters.
I will do lesbians.
I will not do male prey, well except very girly male with big butt
Will not do gore blood and snuff.
Will not do herms.
Will not do oral vores, cockvores, breast vores, unbirth, and anal vores.
Just cooking vores.
I will not do scat.
No rapes.
No sandwich vore.
No under age preys.
Genderbend is allowed (male into female).


Art Trade and animation trade with cooking vore themed and no gore only.
For anyone who isn't an artist gets it free.


Discord cookingart#4811
Eka's portal cookingart


  1. Status: Reserved