Cowrie's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


I always reserve the right to refuse a specific commission or trade. In particular, if something is beyond the capabilities of Daz Studio, I'll tell you as much up front, though if some minor changes would make it possible, I may suggest that. You can request a situation with a specific one of my characters, possibly even one paired with a character of yours, but in that case I may be somewhat pickier.

Commission payment must be over PayPal. Once we agree on a concept, I will ask for an email address to send an invoice to. Partial payment of at least half the final cost is required before I start. If desired, you may pay in full up front. If you don't, the remainder of the cost is due before I perform the final render.

You may post a copy of any commissions or trades in your own gallery so long as you credit me.

Will Do / Won't Do

Male predators
Fanart of any "official" series or fan characters from such series, including species that are explicitly from such a series*
Child vore
Anal vore
Scat play
Fat predators
Hyper anuses or vaginas
Incest (includes nonsexual vore between relatives)
Anything with one of my characters as prey
Blueberry inflation
Hard cooking vore
Straight up gore with no vore content
"Woman in peril" content
Explicit endosomatophilia or safe-holding
More may be added

*Regarding species, some leeway may be allowable for a given series or work's take on a wider species (i.e. Pathfinder-style harpies) or a species inspired by something in a particular work/series (i.e. something similar to a xenomorph).

CASE BY CASE BASIS (May be by virtue of difficulty rather than preference!):
Andromoph intersex predators
Pregnant prey
Unusual vore types (navel, nose, wing, ect.)
Hard vore
Sex scenes
Moderate size differences where the predator is larger, but the prey still produces some bulge
Soft cooking vore
Other belly-related fetishes such as pregnancy, stuffing or belly-only inflation
Minor weight gain, especially if post-vore
Breast expansion
Hammerspace vore
Accidental vore
Voreception (AKA, nesting vore)
Pet or slave play
Sentient fat
Certain forms of transformation (ask for details)
Ambiguous safe-holding
More may be added

WILL DO (May not always apply to my established characters and settings!):
Females, gynomorphs or hermaphrodites as predators or in any other role
Oral vore
A wide variety of species in any role*
Fat prey
Vampirism/Vampiric vore
Pussyboys as prey or other non-predator roles
Any degree of willingness for both pred and prey
Breast/Cleavage vore
Cock vore
Hair Vore
Smaller or micro predators
Hyper cocks, breasts or testicles
Internal views
World vore
Multiple prey (up to and including mass vore)
Fatal vore

More may be added

*This includes far too many things to list, but in general: humans, many but not all anthros, a variety of fantasy or originally designed humanoids, some semi-humanoid options such as centaurs, nagas and mermaids and certain non-humanoid animals and mythical creatures. In most of these cases, provided it's not something from some sort of official work, whether or or not I'll do a species is a matter of whether or not I am able to recreate them. Don't be afraid to ask!


Still Renders

Single/First Image with 1-2 Characters: $16, or $13 if using existing character designs (either my characters or stuff I’ve previously done for you).

Additional Images in Sequence: $11 per image.

Each Character Beyond the 2nd: +$5 per character per image.

Speech Balloons and SFX: +$1 per image.

Animated Renders (NEW!)

Animation with 1 character: $16 per second.

Each Character Beyond the First: +$6 per character per second.

Audio: +$2, using either open license sound effects or audio provided by you.

Prices all assume a simple or HDRI background. More complex backgrounds may merit additional charges.

All prices are in USD.

Subscribers of Plus level or higher on my SubbscribeStar gain a percentage discount to the final price. -10% at Plus level, -20% for Insider level, and -30% for Premium level.


PM me here on Eka's. If you prefer, you may ask for my Discord contact information in a PM. I will inform you of my PayPal email before sending an invoice so you'll know it's me.


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