Cuddlekins' posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No



1. No real people. This includes yourself. Please...

2. No fictional characters that I'll have to research to know who they are and how to write them consistently.


My watchers should know how long my stories usually are, so I don't feel the need to explain beyond that, really Just a few things to keep in mind:

-First, I'm a picky author. I may deviate from my usual matter in the name of money, but I won't really like it. In fact, there's some things I probably won't do, even for money. I'll provide a list at the bottom of this blog post. Please read it thoroughly before making any requests. Keep in mind that you can bribe me into doing things I certainly wouldn't do for the flat price.

-Second, I know a lot of people like certain characters from anime, video games, etc. in their vore. That's fine and all, but there's a good chance I haven't seen/played that particular thing. Thing about drawing is you can get away with not knowing a character's personality or speech patterns, but not so much for writing. Writing other peoples' characters is sorta awkward, even if you know about them enough. That said, if you're deadset on this, bring it up with me, and I'll let you know if it's kosher.

-On the topic of characters, keep in mind that characters are, in their own setting, people with plans and motivations. If someone wants something that I feel would fly in the face of common sense, then it may be difficult to write. I know it's just porn, at the end of the day, but it's easier to write a story when there's a sound rhyme or reason to it all. I probably wouldn't refuse such a commission, but I'd certainly bring it up during the planning process. I know some people are into Willing, so hey...

-I reserve the right not to submit any commission to my gallery if I feel it's not something I want on my profile. It's your story, and you can do with it what you wish, but this point stands.

-Some may assume that putting most of the details in my hands makes it easier on me, but it doesn't. I at least need a basic summary, because a blueprint helps me get these out faster. That said, I do like a little room for artistic liberty.

-I will set a deadline of 3 months after starting a commission. After 90 days pass, the commissioner will reserve the right to demand a refund. If I refuse the refund, then you can tell that to everyone, and I'll never get business again.

Will Do / Won't Do

Here is a detailed list of my kinks and my squicks. Read it thoroughly while planning your commission.

Things I Specialize In
-Soft oral vore
-Giantess vore
-Lesbian stuff
-Rape/Domination/Light Cruelty
-Fatal scenarios that end in digestion

Things I Like to Write
-Most monster girls
-Mouthplay or tongueplay
-Same-size provided the pred has the anatomy to support it e.g. nagas, etc.
-Certain non-fatal scenarios

Things I Don't Like Writing, But May for Money
-Same-size if the pred does not have the anatomy to support it (resulting in an oversized belly)
-Most sorts of physical non-gory giantess cruelty (stepping,sitting,etc.)
-Absurdly Busty women
-Willing prey
-F/M or M/F interactions

Things I Won't Write Unless Bribed With Large Sums of Dosh
-Hard vore
-Especially graphic digestion i.e. bloody gory death
-Any gore or dismemberment at all
-Anything anal
-Stink torture (farting, etc.)
-Futa, cock vore, etc.
-Vore via any other orifice not mentioned

If you have something that isn't listed here, ask me in a PM for a detailed verdict. Don't immediately assume I will or won't do something because I didn't mention it here.


I have decided on a fairly progressive pricing system:

Economy Package: $30
-This is the most basic story you can request. These are your simple "grab and gulp" romps. Stories like this boil down to "There was a girl. She got eaten. The end."
-If you just want to read about someone getting eaten without the bullshit, go for Economy.
-Examples: "Another Midnight Swim", "The Walk Home"

Standard Package: $40
-This is a more standard story. Here, there is some degree of meaningful characterization and interactions.
-If you want someone to get eaten, but you care about how they get in that position, go for Standard.
-Examples: "Risky Sex", "Exotic Sushi"

Elite Package: $60
-This is the long, drawn out stuff. This is the story that has plot, twists, protagonists, antagonists, and all that. These stories are generally long and winding affairs.
-If you want me to write a full-on short story with meaningful plot, go for Elite.
-Examples: "100 Foot Loli III", "A Nonstandard Exorcism"

How do I know which one I need?
I'll be more than willing to help customers decide which tier they need. Most will need either Economy or Standard; I doubt I'll expect too many Elite.

First Pred: $0

Every Pred after the first: +$15 per character

First Prey: $0

Every Prey after the first: +$10 per character

Bystander characters: $0

Vore and Sex:
Oral Vore: $0

Unbirth: +$10 per occurrence.

Sex scene*: +$10 per occurrence.

*includes consensual, rape, and masturbation.

Using this price list, I will work with customers to work out a price for their request. Obviously, I will need to know as many details as possible; if the customer doesn't pay for unbirth, for example, there will be no unbirth. An outline is helpful, but if the customer is unable to make one, I can throw one together and build an estimate based on that.

Once the price is set, it will not change, no matter how longer or shorter the final project turns out. No exceptions.


I will respond to PMs for commissions. All other methods of communication will likely be overlooked.

My PayPal would be provided in private when making the deal. I will try to get some words down on the story to give the customer a look at how it's going before I request payment, due to previous concerns about my, well, slow writing speed :c


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open