CurioHeart's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


* Be as specific as possible
* Be forward if you are making a request for characters that DO NOT belong to you; if possible, provide references (also, see restrictions below)
* If the characters ARE yours, DO give me information on their personality (links and/or text walls are fine)
* Scenario requests are welcome
* Non-vore requests are welcome, too
* Please allow 1-2 weeks for me to complete the request or commission; this may take longer if I am particularly busy, and I will try to keep you updated
* First time commissioners should pay half up front; the rest will be due prior to delivery and/or posting
* If you would like to see a WIP of the story you've commissioned, or if I need your feedback on it, the story will be sent as a watermarked PDF indicating its status; these cannot be posted or shared without my express permission
* At this time, I cannot issue refunds for incomplete stories paid for in USD. I apologize for the inconvenience, and will update this once that changes.
* If refunds are a concern for you, there is also the option to pay in bitcoin (BTC), where refunds can be issued. Please be aware that the price of BTC is known to fluctuate rapidly, similarly to stocks.
* If you would prefer to pay via BTC, the price of commissions will be fixed upon confirmation of the commission at the then-current market value. This will not change, so I recommend purchasing the BTC (if necessary) as quickly as possible. If you do not know exchanges for your country of residence, has a great resource for exchanges, organized by country.

Will Do / Won't Do

At the moment, there isn't much that I won't try- mostly because I haven't found anything like that yet. I will, however, very likely refuse any non-original characters, mostly because I don't find fanfiction particularly appealing to write. If you're curious if I'd be okay with doing something, send me a message and we can discuss it.

Will Do:
* Sexytiems and other non-vore
* Any gender/sexuality pred
* Underage (teenage) prey
* Modern, fantasy, and/or sci-fi settings
* Oral/Breast/Cock Vore
* Unbirthing
* Domination

Won't Do:
* Fanfictions involving pre-established universes (DC, Marvel, Disney, etc) and characters therein


Pricing varies depending on two factors: The number of requested characters, and the length of the story.

By default, up to three characters are allowed, excluding background characters. Pricing for stories is as follows:

Flash Fiction (<=750 words): $5
Short Short Stories (750 - 1,500 words): $10
Short Stories (1,500 - 4,000 words): $15
Longer Short Stories (> 4,000 words): $20

If the story happens to run slightly over or under, pricing will not change. While I will do my best to keep the story to the specified length, if the difference is significant, I will adjust the price on a pro-rated amount.

Extra characters can be added, and the pricing will be affected only by increments of three (i.e., four characters will cost the same as six, but a seventh will affect the pricing again). The price of the commission will double for every three characters you add due to the extra story complexity. Please be reasonable with the number of characters you request.

Note: Due to its short length, flash fiction requests/commissions will only be able to have up to three characters. If you want more than three characters, please request a longer story. Also, please be advised that short short stories would likely be challenging to write with more than three or four characters.


Message me here. Depending on our agreed method of communication, it may stay here, or switch to email or Discord.


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