DongWongTang's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


General Info.

-Provide References
-Pay through PayPal
-Payments will be made before I start the commission
-I will update you on the progress of the commission once milestones are reached
-Will not accept commissions that involve my OCs, my OC Races, and/or OCs that do not belong to you without proof of the owners express permission to use their OC.
-I will turn down commissions if I don't want to do them.

-I'm up for simple trades with peeps.
-For friends, I'm more than willing to do more with trades.
-I can turn down trades if I don't want to do them.

Will Do / Won't Do

Won't do:
-Water Sports
-Hard Vore

If you have any questions on things that aren't listed please let me know. With that being said, if you have't seen me do a certain type of thing before, it is safe to assume it's on the won't do's.



Additional Characters-$10 each


You can contact me through PMs on here or through my main twitter->