DoubleOSnake's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


First, contact me here on Eka's with a thorough explanation of what kind of story you want, the setting, the characters, and how you want them to eat/be eaten. If you want a story with your own original setting/characters, please tell me as much as you can about the setting and the characters. If an outline isn't provided, I'll write one up based on the info provided and have you look at it. If you like it, I'll get to work!

Things I do:
>Mini Stories
>Short Stories (Not taking for now)
>Full-Length Stories (Not taking for now)
>Art Trades

Other things to know
>You have the right to ask for the rough draft anytime during the writing process.
>If you would like to remain anonymous or you don't want your story posted, let me know in the PM.
>If you'd like to post your the story in your gallery, go right ahead. Just make sure to give credit where credit is due.
>I'm still settling for a commission model. Pricing, Payment Methods, and number of slots are subject to change.

Will Do / Won't Do

What I enjoy writing.
>Original Stories and Fan Fiction
>F/F and F/M
>Willing and Unwilling
>Same Size
>Weight Gain
>Soft Vore
>Anal Vore
>Cleavage Vore
>Navel Vore
>Cock Vore (Futa-only)
>Hair Vore
>Humanoids like Lamias/Nagas, harpies, succubi, etc.
>Feral Preds
>Panty Entrapment
>Anything else? Let me know.

What I'm willing to do:
>Furry *New*
>Gore *New*

What I will not do.
Unless I am super convinced, I will not write these. However, most of these are eligible for the Patreon-exclusive Rulebreaker Mini-Stories (marked by the *).
>Kid's Shows characters (This one can be debated, but don't get your hopes up)
>Anything related to My Little Pony


First things first! All payments must be USD and made through PayPal.

The general rate for normal, full length stories is $15 per 2000 words, however there may be extra fees based on the complexity and content of the story (i.e. your own original setting/characters, setting/characters I'm unfamiliar with, etc). The more details you provide, like bios, the less you'll have to pay. Currently, You'll only have to pay when the story is all finished.

*Price Updated*Short Stories are $15 for the whole story (plus fees), no matter the word count. So even if your Impromptu tale ends up at 4000-6000 words, you'll still only have to pay the $10 and fees. For those unfamiliar with Impromptu Tales, these are quickly written short stories that usually fall between 500 to 2000 words (2-3 pages) and get right into the action with only a little bit of plot. Perfect for those who just want the vore.

*Price Updated*Mini-Stories – At a general price of 10$, these are cheapest and quickest stories to write. You won't have to worry about providing much info and there's only two fees I'll charge are Number of Characters and character details which, like the Mini-Story itself, will be much cheaper than the usual fees.

> # of Characters – $2 per character
> Character Details – Depends on Details provided.
> Great details - $1 per Character
> Good details - $2 per Character
> Little details - $3 per Character

I am willing to trade depending on what we're trading for and if I'm having a inspiration dry spell, I may open for requests. Just send me a pm and we can discuss the details.

Fees are based on details that determine how easy it'll be to write your story.

Story Details – $5 to $15 - How much info provided regarding the overall plot of the story. More info = Cheaper fee.
>Detailed Explanation/Outline - $5
>Detailed Synopsis - $10
>Little detail - $15

Number of Characters - $2 per Pred/Prey character – Price depends on how many Pred/Prey characters are the focus of the story. Any extras won't cost extra.

Character details – $2 to $5 per character- Price depends on much info regarding Pred/Prey characters in the story. Similar to Story Details, More info = cheaper fee. Price stacks per character.
>Perfect details/Familiar – $2 per character
>Great details - $3 per character
>Good details - $4 per character
>Little details/Original Character/One-off Character - $5 per character

Other things to know
>There are no refunds...unless your like a time wizard that can refund the time I spent writing.


I'm almost always paying attention to my messages so just PM me anytime, even if my slots are full. Make sure you title it in some way that tells me you want to commission me. Keep an eye out for a blog entry or my old forums for commission openings.

Even if the current slots are full, you still might get on the waiting list for the next batch!


  1. Status: Reserved - Mini-Story for Esprit
  2. Status: Open for Commission - Open for Mini-Story
  3. Status: Open for Commission - Open for Mini-Story