Dragga's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


1. Contact me with the details of your commission idea.
2. I will contact you in return to say if your idea has been accepted into a slot.
3. Once the details are agreed on and confirmed (refs sent, etc.), I will request payment.
4. I am more than happy to provide progress shots if desired, and to work with minor changes as the need arises. Just let me know in advance if you'd like such, so that I can be sure to send the WiP and schedule the fix ups appropriately
5. I will provide you with the file, and I will hope you are completely happy with the results!

NOTICE: Due to the demand for them still being present, and the workload more and more clear to me, from here on, I'll take off an extra slot should I be commissioned for any sort of sequence, to allow myself to better fit them in the schedule. I have updated my prices, as well. Hope you'll still find me worth the business. <:3

Gonna be aiming for 12 slots per week. For the sake of pacing, I'll be trying to limit myself on sequences. Sorry, folks, just don't want to backlog myself on them.

Commission Queue listed to be started on December 16th, 2015

Backlogged commissions to be done:
Montiga - Color
TornadoChaser1 - Color
Nipper - Color
Gelus - Lineart
CBTheWolfFox - Lineart

Will Do / Won't Do

I'm going to be honest here. There's very little I can say I wouldn't at least try to draw. If you feel confident in my abilities to capture what you want, by all means, you are welcome to approach me. If by chance your idea is one of those rare things I'm iffy on, I'm more than certain a happy compromise can be met!

...though, I have almost no worth in terms of drawing backgrounds. Still, hopefully, something that works can be done!


Single Character Sketch: $16
Single Character Lineart: $22
Single Character Colored: $30

Sketch Sequence: $30-$45 ($5/panel past 3)
Lineart Sequence: $40-$55 ($5/panel past 3)
Colored Sequence: $60-$90 ($10/panel past 3)
*Sequences are 3 "panels" minimum, 6 "panels" maximum

+50% of base price per full additional character
* For sequences this starts at third character in sequence.
+$3 for partial additional characters (Ex: characters only appearing as limbs or a head sticking out from a pred’s orifice, or appearing in a partial cutaway) or generics made for the commission
No additional charge past the base price for use of my own characters as an extra character

NOTE: If you have commissioned me before at the previous rates, those prices are still available to you, should you chose/prefer! :3


You can PM me here, or contact me by emailing oynezrasartaol.com


  1. Status: Paid - Lineart for anonymous
  2. Status: Paid - Lineart for Shinnigami
  3. Status: Paid - Color for Paraffine
  4. Status: Awaiting Payment - Lineart for KlinKitty
  5. Status: Paid - Color for JesseClark9
  6. Status: Paid - Lineart for LittleDragonTAZ
  7. Status: Open
  8. Status: Open
  9. Status: Open
  10. Status: Open
  11. Status: Open
  12. Status: Open