Draskghellion's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


-Paying up front. I don't work without the payment done.
-The artwork piece will be delivered in a estimate date.
-All the issues or problem with the schedule will be correctly announced and discussed with the corresponding comissioners.
-Any violation to my intelectual property or stealing my name, pieces,or part of my work will be prosecuted with legal actions. So please, if you want to share it, ask me first or tell me where you want to share. I don't have problems with that, the propaganda is always welcome.

Will Do / Won't Do

Ill do:
-Cock vore
- unbirthing
-General sex: Anthro or yiff. Furry themes.

Won't do:
-Hard vore
-Humans or animé styles (it's beyond my current art style).
There's a lot of things that i would o wouldn't draw, so the best way to find out is just asking me. I don't have any problem to asnwer your questions. ^-^


Info: [email protected]

PayPal: [email protected]