Drelard's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


1 - Describe your idea; Provide some general reference if possible, can be a picture you particularly liked and would like me to get inspiration from or a crude MS Paint drawing, as long as it's possible to interpret the idea, it will be alright!

2 - I'll sketch in a rough base for the drawing and show it to you, decide whether i'm good to keep going with the sketch there is or if you'd like changes done to either the pose or detail in general

3 - Once done, i will send you a low-res preview of the drawing and create an invoice to request payment that, once paid, will lead me to send you the full res of the comm.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will Do: Same Size, Size Difference,Endo,Fatal, Digestion, Weight Gain, Fat, Male Preds, Hard Vore/Cannibalism/Guro, Implied Disposal.

Won't Do: Underage/Loli Preds, Farts, Scat, Disposal, Slob, Etc*.

*If any doubts arise, don't be afraid to ask on specifics!


Basic Sketch: $15
Additional Characters: +$5 per additional char.
Additional Panels: +$5 per panel

All payments are through paypal.


Just PM me


  1. Status: Completed for TheWickedKing
  2. Status: Completed for theweirdone445
  3. Status: Completed for apitop
  4. Status: Completed for Noisekeeper
  5. Status: Completed for Draconatedz