ElusiveLibbin's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


Hi there~ Here’s my commission info:
Characters that are drawn must be drawn as 18+ only. I draw male preds but will on occasion draw fem preds- commission only. You yourself must be at least 18 to purchase a commission from me. Please ask me about applying the current discounts.

Current discounts: 50% off certain series. Specific at present to specific One piece and FE MALE/TM characters - Single character pieces only.
(Subject to change)

Please read my T&Cs:
I have every right to refuse a commission I do not wish to take on. I usually only take on a certain amount of coms at one time, so bear in mind that your commission may be in a queue and not created immediately.
Discussions about the commission will be had via pm and we can work out any details that way.
I take pre-payment before working on any commissions, through PayPal only. This is to protect from scammers.
The commissioner may ask for changes to posing, expressions etc throughout the sketching stage, but following the line art, only changes to colouration, belly noises and dialogue may be changed.
The commissioner may NOT share or post any unfinished commission work, however will have full access and permission to post/edit/upload the final, finished piece. You paid for it after all~

The final piece will be E-mailed to the commissioner and posted here. If the commissioner wishes to remain anonymous then I will not tag or mention them.

Discounts will apply to specific series and are subject to change depending on the current series I’m into.

Thank you for your understanding ~ <3

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do:

*Force feeding
*inflation (commission only)
*See through bellies I.e goo/slime people

*Oral/Navel vore only
*Fatal and non-fatal (safe)
*G/t (MicroxMacro)
*object vore

Will not do:

*Any form of preg including mpreg and Ovi
*Female content (can be discussed and may be open to drawing some female characters)
*Overly NSFW stuff I.e Genitalia or sexual acts
Sexual mentions and implied nudity is okay -within reason

Original characters (Oc’s) - Please be patient with me when it comes to Ocs. I may need a little more time to complete them


Pricing in US Dollars:
Line art: $20

Flat colour: $35

Full colour: $45

Per single character.


Send me a Pm here or message me on Twitter @elusivelibbin ~


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