Enteresting's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


I fall into the category of "willing to do most things." However, the only main anime/manga I've watched/read is Dragon Ball Z/GT and Naruto. The ones I've watched in bits and pieces are Bleach, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon and a number of others.

I've played plenty of games, so I can and will do a story of a game on the condition that I've played it and/or I know the universe/storyline. Notable games I have played are Skyrim, Fallout 4, Devil May Cry 3 & 4 + Special Edition, Most of the Final Fantasy mainstream title games, a few Fire Emblem games (7, 6 and 8 only FOR NOW) Starbound and Warframe.

Do not be afraid to PM me and ask if I've played this/that game or watched this/that anime or read this/that Manga. I'm more than happy to chat with you and discuss ideas. If we've spoken before about an idea and I've forgotten it, send me a quick message to remind me and I'll be sure to respond as quickly as possible.

I will ask you to please keep the messages civil and polite when talking to me, as I can be a bit forgetful sometimes and can overlook some details of a request or commission.

Will Do / Won't Do

What I definitely won't do:
Cock Vore, Hard Vore, Nipple Vore, Nasal/Ear Vore, Lolicon/Shotacon, Scat, Watersports, Vomit.

What I might or might not do:
Furry, Herm, Sex (Nothing Loli/Shota, Incest is fine), Accidental Vore.

What I have no problem with:
Oral Vore, Unbirth, Anal Vore, Absorption (tail only), Breast Vore, Unaware pred/prey, Unwilling pred/prey.


My pricing is quite cheap, going at £1 per 1000 words. When the commission is done, PM me your e-mail and I will send you an Invoice.


You can PM me here if need be.

Or I have a Yahoo account at [email protected] (also linked to my Paypal (Anything you send me there, please title "Eka's Portal request/commission" so I know which is which, thank you))


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  2. Status: Open