EveAra's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


Sorry, I am currently closed for commissions but I might open again at some point!

Pencil Drawing Commissions.
Shipping is possible within the US for an additional $6.

I do not keep a queue. Please note me and I will let you know estimated wait time/pricing. I will not charge you anything until I am ready to begin work on your commission.


I reserve the right to decline any commission proposals if I deem myself unwilling or unable to draw them.
If you enjoy my art, and have been following my gallery, you can see what I am best at drawing.
If you request something that is dear to my interests, you'll likely be happier with the result, but I will try my best no matter what.
I am indeed a vore artist, but that doesn't mean I'm good at drawing all kinds of vore and there are certain subjects I will outright refuse.
I will definitely draw things besides vore too, just be sure to look over my list of prohibited subjects(can be found in the link above) before asking.


*Please Note me if you are interested in purchasing a commission. You must include a basic description of who and what you would like me to draw.
THERE IS NO SLOT SYSTEM-I do these one at a time and will contact you as soon as I am ready to work with you.

*Please be patient with me- I will probably only reply to your note if I have chosen to do your commission next, especially if I am flooded with proposals.
However I will definitely try to take care of everyone before opening up for another round.

*If I cannot make sense of what you are asking for in your proposal, I will have to respectfully decline, so please be as clear and concise as possible.

-General ToS-

1)I currently accept payment via Paypal only. All initial correspondence will be through PMs.
If I accept your commission proposal I may ask you for more info and will note you back with how much it will cost. When we come to an agreement, I will give you my payment email
and I will begin work as soon as payment is received.

2)When paying, please use Payment: Services.
Please be sure to pay me in USD.
Please include your Eka's name in both the note and the title of the payment. Please do not add any other info, just your Eka's name only. Don't even write the words "Eka's name" anywhere.
Once I am paid the number of characters or complexity of characters cannot be changed as it will change the cost.
By sending payment, you are agreeing to the ToS as I have detailed them in this submission page.

3)At this time I will start work on your picture. Please be ready to provide references for anything you request.
For this commission cycle, these are hardly more than sketches but I will show you my work before finishing them up and/or provide thumbnail sketches if we are having trouble with coming together on a pose.
I can make minor changes at any time during the process but please do not ask me to change the layout or subject matter in any way once you've okayed the sketch for completion.

3a)If we discover after payment that I absolutely cannot provide a finished product as described in the first paragraph, I will gladly refund your money.
In addition, I reserve the right to issue a refund and cancel a commission due to poor communication, or rude/inappropriate behavior by the customer.

4)Turnaround time should be less than a month but if I am struggling for any reason and it will take me longer than a month I will do my best to note you.
If Eka's is a bad place to keep in touch, let me know where else I can contact you if I need reference or guidance from you while your commission is in progress.
I check Eka's just about every day unless I am sick or out of town so that will always be the best way to contact me.

5)Once the commission is done, I will send you a high-res copy to whatever email you'd like. I will also post it on Eka's Portal and also on FA if it is furry related.
If it absolutely needs to stay private, please let me know ASAP. You may certainly post the image on your own galleries but but please link back to me, always.
You may not use the image for prints or mass reproduction, however you can use them or alter them for icons or other web content such as profile pics and page layouts.

6)If you are in the US and would like me to mail your drawing to you I can send it Priority Mail. Just let me know, it will cost about an extra $6 for me to do this.

Will Do / Won't Do

Absolutely No:
Painful constriction/Breathplay
Garbage/Garbage eating/Fetishism of filth
Cooking of prey(though foodplay is okay)
Graphic scat(Though I can imply scat, and welcome other methods of depicting digested remains of prey such as pellets/hairballs- its up to discussion)
Gore/Hardvore/Bleeding(this includes graphic digestion- if you want to see digestion I have a way I like to draw it- please see my gallery)
Nazifurs/Nazi inspired imagery
Vomit/Regurgitation of liquids
Belly-button, breast, or Anal vore. I know Anal vore is popular and I personally don't have a total aversion to it but I don't feel comfortable drawing it.
Humanoids eating same-size humanoids, or any human preds(mostly because it is difficult and impractical for me to draw, you probably wouldn't be happy with the result)
Rule 34, in some cases. But feel free to ask. For example, I am comfortable drawing Pokemon, Super Mario, and Warcraft characters in raunchy situations provided they are of age.
Crying/outright rape. There are some grey lines here, I don't mind drawing a scared prey but I don't want to draw one that's a traumatized mess.

I will attempt, but I cannot guarantee mastery of:

Fatfurs(if they are unreasonably large by my standards, I may even have to decline)
Enchanced musculature(same rule as the fatfurs)
Guns/cars/other machinery
Smaller characters being eaten as part of a larger meal (like a character wrapped in a sandwich, for example)
Overly elaborate character designs/markings/tattoos
Fetish gear/bondage oufits(please provide references)
This goes for jewelry too, I work with paper and pencil on a somewhat small scale so it may not come out as detailed as need be, especially if a lot is going on in the picture.
Fanart of characters I am not familiar with. Please have a reference ready for any fanart, as you would your own personal character.
I will only draw other users' characters with permission from the owner. I will make exception for gift commissions, but if the recipient requests the picture to be removed, I must comply.


Paypal Only.
Prices are $25-$45 USD Depending on Complexity and number of characters. The limit of characters I will draw in one picture is 4.

I can include a close-up shot or show a cutaway(which will raise complexity and therefore the price)
Series will only be offered with limitations. Working on the same subject over multiple pictures burns me out faster than anything. So if I have a lot of requests I will likely stagger any series requests between my projects.
There will be no backgrounds, but I can draw props and limited furniture, though it can swing the complexity factor/price up pretty fast depending on the request.


Sorry, I am currently closed for commissions but I might open again at some point!


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