FluffyLizardFunTime's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


I don't really like rules... just let me know what it is you'd like me to do with as much information as possible. If I like the idea and think I'm capable, we'll figure something out

Will require that you can pay me via paypal and would prefer if you have a budget in mind. Once we've discussed the length of the piece and have I have a plan, I'll expect half of the money before I write anything, and the rest before I send over the finished article

Will Do / Won't Do

Talk to me nicely and we'll see~ I don't have any hard 'no's that I can think of. I might turn you down if I don't feel like I can do your idea justice though (or if I'm busy)

Willing to consider doing art too, but we'll need to really discuss


2gbp per 100 words for shorter scenarios, which is what I'll probably work with most of the time

For extended narratives, we'll have to discuss things; it ends up being a lot of work and I'd rather price based on my time


Please via PM here on Eka's thank you <3

you can email me things through [email protected], but that inbox is NOT checked regularly and I'll probably just miss you


  1. Status: Open