Grimmahr's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: No


If you have something you would like me to Write please Contact me by Email, Use this Email and not the one currently linked to my account.

[email protected]

We can work out the specifics from there.

When you make a request or commission give me specifics, down to every detail you want in your story, the more you give me the better i can write it for you.

Will Do / Won't Do

I write for media related stories only, it doesn't matter what kind as long as its known. Fairy Tail, Pokemon, One Piece, Ect

Note, my writing is not just limited to Anime and can stretch to other media as well.

Will do Most any Fetish writes but will not do as follows; Yaoi or M,M of any sort, Dominate Male, Futa, Shemale, Necrophilia, inflation.


Free of charge from here on out.


Contact me by Email via

[email protected]

I have that one linked to all my devices so i can view any new mail at any time.


  1. Status: Open for Trade
  2. Status: Open for Request