Grimmahr's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


If you have something you would like to commission or discuss please contact me by email, or through discord. Use this email and not the one currently linked to my account.

Email - [email protected]
Discord - Grimahr#0649

We can work out the specifics from there.

When you make a request or commission give me specifics, down to the fine detail you want in your story. The more you give me to work with, the better I can write it for you.

Prices are to be paid AFTER, the work is completed not before. Payment must be given BEFORE the story is handed over, however. You're free to ask for updates and I can show you a sample of the completed work at the end at your request.

Will Do / Won't Do

In the context of writing and drawings, it doesn’t bother me much. I don’t judge anyone for what they’re into. With that said, here’s a brief synopsis of what I will and won’t do.

This is not a list of what I will only do, but a list of more hardcore fetishes I will do. Some of these kinks include but are not limited to:

Age play/Underage – Will go as young or old as you like, barring elderly adults.
Futanari – Some people get turned off, I used to, but I’m more open minded now and enjoy trying new things. If the Futa is the pred, I don’t care what the prey is.
Scat/Water sports – This one’s a personal favorite, so don’t be shy about requesting it if that’s what you’re into.
Grosser elements – I’ll be honest with you. There’s not much that REALLY puts me off, so be open an honest if this is what you like.
Furry – This is a bit harder for me, but not an impossible request. I won’t do animals, period, but furry or Anthro I can work with. And some Pokémon.
Incest – Family’s that cum together, play together. Enough said.

To just say the stuff, I won’t do, I have experience writing plenty of niche and obscure fetishes and not a lot puts me off so if it’s not on this list, I’ll probably be down to do it.

Yaoi – I’m not a fan of writing M/m work. Just my preference, not my standpoint on the matter.
Necrophilia – If it’s a Zombie/Ghost that’s one thing, but if it’s purposely killing someone just to screw them, that isn’t for me.
Vomiting – I don’t know why, but this one’s a big turn off for me, and I’m used to more extreme things like water sports and scat. :/
Same Sized Vore – I know this might be a deal breaker for a lot of folks, but I’m just not a big fan of it. If the price is right, I might consider it, but for the most part I’m strictly a size related writer, and Macro/Micro must be in play for me to be on board with it.
Animals – Not to be confused with furries which I will do on occasion. In the context of size related stories, bestiality isn’t preferable. Pokemon are alright for the most part, however.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations, I’ll probably be able to write your fetishes.
I have more experience with media related works but I can do original concepts to.


My starting rate is 20$ per 1000 words. If your story goes over by a few hundred words, you will not be charged extra unless it reaches another 1k. I will only round the prices down for you, not up, so there should be no unexpected charges tacked on once it's time to pay.

Cap for stories currently is 5k and under for the foreseeable future. If you want a series with chapters in it, this applies to them too.

I will take trades as well, but only for specific scenarios.

With that said, I will also add on price reductions for fetishes I really enjoy writing for. These CAN stack, so if you want multiple added in, the price of your commission will become lower. If your story is focused on any of the following, 5$ will be subtracted from the overall cost of all flat rate stories.

Mommydom - Motherly Pred wanting to pamper her baby. Either shrinking him/her down, or age regressing him to be her perfect baby.

Age Regression - A bit self explanatory.

Toddler Preds - Vary niche and entertaining to write for.

Certain Monster Girls - Fairy Pred's, Goblin Pred's, Imp Pred's specifically.

Different fetishes may be cycled in or out at any given time. If you commissioned a story while specific ones you requested were there but no longer are, you will still get the discount that applied at the time of request.


Contact me by Email or Discord

[email protected]


I have both linked to all my devices so I can view any new messages at any time. I will try to get back with you on time and accordingly per when you message me. The best time would be between evenings and mornings, not in between.


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