Groblek's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


So, I’ve decided to try out taking commissions for stories. If you’re interested, I’m charging $0.06/word, and I’ll need from you a description of what you want, including anything you particularly want (or don’t want) to see happen, names you want (if any), etc. Basically, I’m happy to make up as much of the story as necessary, but I want to make sure the result will be something the commissioner is happy with. I’ll also need to know how long a story you want me to write. To give people an idea of what you can get for a given length, the individual scenes in my “Misc Scenes” set of stories tend to be 500-1,500 words, “Intensive Care” is ~2,700 words, “The Dangers of Misusing Fertility Drugs” is ~3,600 words, and “The House that Wanted a Family” is ~8,000 words.

The way it'll work is that once you contact me with your idea, I'll ask questions until I've got an idea of what you want, then I'll put together an outline of the story and send it to you along with a price quote based on how long I expect the story to be. If you don't have any changes to make, that'll be the final price for the story, even if I turn out to have underestimated the length I'll need to write it. If you request changes or additions after we've agreed on the outline, I'll charge extra for them at my standard rate/word.

Payment terms are half due when I take the commission, the other half when I finish the story, before I send it to you. I'll take installment payments, but I still won't start the writing until you've finished paying for the first half of the story.

Will Do / Won't Do

What I won’t write: Underage characters. As you can see from my stories, I don’t mind writing about characters that regress from adult to something younger, but anything remotely sexual with ones that start out underage makes me a bit uncomfortable. If your story idea makes me uncomfortable, I probably won’t take the commission. Since I've been asked, sixteen is where I draw the line as youngest I'm willing to work with.

Other than that, I’m willing to give most ideas involving unbirth a try – look through my gallery and see if you like what I’ve done. If you don’t like my usual style, you probably don’t want me writing your story. ☺ My own personal aesthetic tends towards stories that depart from reality as little as possible, while allowing for things like unbirthing, so if you’re looking for something more fantastic, I might not be the best fit.

A note on fanfiction, since I've been asked. I'm willing to write it, but unless you're willing to pay for my time researching the setting (at $100/hour, as I have quite limited free time to spend on such things), I'll do it with the caveat that the characters may not make sense to anyone who knows what they're "supposed to" be like - my research will be limited to whatever's in the wikipedia article for the work in question, and most likely it'll end up as a scene with characters that share a name, description, and vague setting with the originals. If that's enough for you, then I'm glad to do it, but I just want that to be clear from the outset.


$0.06/word (So a 1,000 word story would be $60) Prices are in US Dollars, as that's my local currency.


PM me here or email [email protected] I have a slight preference for email, as it's easier for me to check than Portal PMs, but if you don't have an email address you're willing to use for this, I'm happy to work with the Portal's system.


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  3. Status: Open for Commission