Halcyon's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Hello! Thank you very much for your generous interest in a commission from me. I'll write about anything that interests me, and I'm very flexible. Please send me any and all ideas, and we can work something out together. I am a professionally-trained writer with years of experience in both vore erotica and other types of writing, and I'm committed to producing works that you will enjoy reading as much as I will enjoy writing.

For examples of my writing, see this page. For examples of my other media, including RPs and interactive stories, please message me.

As for trades or other requests, feel free to shoot me a message regarding those, as well!

*Please note that I do not allow my original work to appear in others' galleries under any circumstances, EXCEPT for RP logs or other works in which I am not the sole author. My own writing is still my intellectual property - thank you for understanding ^^

Will Do / Won't Do

I will write about almost anything - please send me your ideas. With that being said, here are my SPECIALTIES (meaning that I am particularly experienced at writing these things):
-Oral vore
-f/f and h/f pairings
Please note that, of course, none of these are mandatory and I will write far beyond these preferences - they are by no means limitations. Feel free to consult my "seeking roleplay" thread (although I'm more interested in hearing what you want to have written!)


Message me for details!


Please PM me on this site. I'm happy to work out all details on here or on Discord once we chat.


  1. Status: Completed - Dragon's Don't Make Good Customers for max123
  2. Status: Completed - Yoshi's Predatory Habits for AUsernameUsedReturns
  3. Status: Completed - Melyssa's Hunting Grounds for max123
  4. Status: Completed - Rabi Ribi - The Food Chain for Missy
  5. Status: Completed - Widowmaker's Indulgence for Vision
  6. Status: Completed - Gravity and Peristalsis for a Friend
  7. Status: Completed - Chinese Take-Out 1: Lin's New Toy for matheson
  8. Status: Completed - The Queen's Cravings for type777
  9. Status: Completed - Chinese Take-Out 2: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for matheson
  10. Status: Completed - Diva For Dinner! for a Vore Connoisseur
  11. Status: Completed - MUTANT MASH!! for Reaverbot
  12. Status: Completed - You Are What You Eat, Or Something for beezo
  13. Status: Completed - Nee the Catgirl Eats a Dog-boy for JimJohn101
  14. Status: Completed - Eating and Breeding for type777
  15. Status: Completed - April and Jenica's Micro Feast for Vision
  16. Status: Completed - Fire Emblem - The Assassins' Fates for deathravager
  17. Status: Completed - Vore in the Name of Science for FaeVictus
  18. Status: Completed - D.Va Cleans Up the Competition for Missy
  19. Status: Completed - Michelle's (Permanent) Pleasure Prisoners for a Fellow Vore Lover
  20. Status: Completed - Kitties, Bunnies, Bellies, and Babymaking♥ for type777
  21. Status: Completed - The Astral Alley's Daily Special for SuperheroFood
  22. Status: Completed - Dealing With Hungry Goblins for Vitcent
  23. Status: Completed - The Amazing, Invincible Micro for matheson
  24. Status: Completed - Vanessa's Vore Livestream for Sitharc
  25. Status: Completed - League of Lunches for Missy
  26. Status: Completed - Eating and Breeding 2: The Harem for type777
  27. Status: Completed - Valentine ♥ Vore for Conn
  28. Status: Completed - Megumin the Giantess I for TechniMIND
  29. Status: Completed - Megumin the Giantess II for TechniMIND
  30. Status: Completed - Inside of Nee the Hungover Catgirl for an Anonymous Patron
  31. Status: Completed - Spoils of War for SuperheroFood
  32. Status: Completed - Breeder's Awakening for type777
  33. Status: Completed - Intersected I: The Alien World for dcvfgb1234
  34. Status: Completed - Targy's "Surprise" Date For Lina for MeguDesu and FaeVictus
  35. Status: Completed - Bowsette's Belly for Missy
  36. Status: Completed - So Much For Pet Food for Cal
  37. Status: Completed - Intersected II: Cecilie Nested for dcvfgb1234
  38. Status: Completed - Digested at Demi University for Gardelicious
  39. Status: Completed - My Girlfriend's New Girlfriend's New Pet (Me) for Jayrawk
  40. Status: Completed - Intersected III: The Internal Universe for dcvfgb1234
  41. Status: Completed - The Great Mermaid Sushi Feast for Cobbly
  42. Status: Completed - Chinese Take-Out 3: The Two Giantesses for matheson
  43. Status: Completed - Hungry and Horny for type777
  44. Status: Completed - Shuten-Douji's Greatest Hunt for moomishii
  45. Status: Completed - Fairies' Final Frontier for type777
  46. Status: Completed - Valentine ♥ Vore 2: Two Years Later for Conn
  47. Status: Completed - (an unpublished piece) for a Fellow Vore Lover
  48. Status: In Progress for Skullhammer123