Handsome's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


-WHEN MESSAGING ME, Please include the following information in your note (even if it's just for a price quote):
Character reference(s) or written description:
Commission type (Lines, flats, full details, etc):
Type of pose/facial expression/outfit if you have a specific one in mind:
Vorish details/preferences if applicable (such as belly shape, noises, belching, etc):
Background details if applicable:
Any extra information that is relevant or you'd like me to know:

-Payment is taken upfront and done through Paypal. I am willing to take half now and half later in the possibility of larger commissions (over $100).

-Visual references are always preferred! I am willing to work with written references, but I do charge a small fee for them based on their complexity.

-You are allowed to repost and upload your commission wherever you please; just mention me as the original artist!

-Typically I will allow you to edit your commission (including coloring lineart), but please ask me first!

-Please let me know upfront if you are uncomfortable with your commission being uploaded to my gallery, or if you would like to be referred to as an anonymous commissioner.

-Price quotes are given free of charge, so feel free to note me with your ideas if you are at all curious!

Will Do / Won't Do

-I can draw all genders, species, and all types of pairings.

-NSFW is totally fine with me! I am willing to draw a variety of subject matter. My only hard no's are underage/ageplay, intense gore (violence/blood is alright though), and unsanitary/bathroom play. You are welcome to ask about specific kinks if curious, no hate here!

-I am willing to draw most types of vore, as well as alternative absorption. If an idea you have is something that I feel I will not be able to capture well, I will let you know beforehand.


Prices below refer to a full body picture.

Colored Sketch - $20

Lineart - $30

Flats - $40

Full Details - $55

Simple Animation (4-6 frames) - $60-$70

Full Animation (10+ frames) - $80-$90

-These prices are base prices! Extra may be added for especially complex character designs or poses.

-Backgrounds can be added to all types except colored sketch! Prices vary based on complexity, ranging from $5 to $15. Transparent backgrounds are also available. Ask about these!

-Max of 3 characters per commission. Extra characters receive no discount, so double the base price if you are wanting an extra character!

-If you are interested in any type of custom commission not listed above, feel free to ask me directly! I am more than willing to try to work with you. c:


PM me if you are interested in a commission or have any questions!