Hereforvore's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


I like to write vore, and enjoy a bit of roleplay. If you would like a specific scenario done as a commission, give me a private message and I'll get back to you.

Trying to get back into writing after a long hiatus- if there is not a slot noted as open, I am not accepting commissions. Keep an eye on this page for updates to available slots.

Will Do / Won't Do

I can and will write any content, but due to personal preference, restrictions on certain content, and the dubious nature of other content certain topics will cost more to write. For simplicity, you can find content separated into three tiers. The placement of any item in a tier does not necessarily correlate to my personal opinions on them, there are many reasons an item may be in one tier or another.

Tier 1: Standard. Content in this tier has no issues.
-Non binary characters
-Feral Preds
-Simple Disposal/Bone Disposal/Implied Scat
-Soft Vore
-Human/Demi versions of furry or MLP
-Slime vore/Absorption
-Same size/small size difference

Tier 2: Moderate. Content in this tier may be harder to write, not appeal to me as much, or have a higher likelyhood of blacklisting and limited viewing.
-M/M (Femboys, twinks, and other effeminate males)
-Transgender characters
-Simple Scat
-Hard Vore (non-gorey)
-Large size difference (small bulge when swallowed)

Tier 3. Severe. Content in this tier I may struggle to write, not enjoy, or be extremely limited in view scope.
-M/M (masculine males)
-Explicit, graphic scat/Scat eating
-Underaged characters (any character who is explicitly noted as under 18 within the story- characters can be aged up to avoid this tier)
-Hard Vore (gorey)/Gore
-Full furry/anthro
-Ear/navel/nasal vore/most extremely obscure vore
-Extreme Size difference (no bulge when swallowed)

Anything not included on this list can be assumed to be within tier 1, but I reserve the right to update this list at any time for clarification or to alter the tier content resides in. This tier system can be considered in beta, with many updates and revisions to be made.
If you do want something done and message me, make sure to include every last detail about what you do and don't want in. I have a habit of filling in blanks myself.

Also, bear in mind that if it isn't in my gallery, I haven't written it yet. There are still many things I would be writing for the first time.



Upon completion of a story, an extract approximately 10% of the total length will be provided as a sample before payment is sent. Once payment is confirmed the full story will be provided to the commissioner and uploaded, unless ordered as private. For longer stories or multiple parts, payment will be managed around every 3000 word section.

Pricing is based on the three tier system as per the Will Do/Won't Do section, with a flat fee for stories up to 3000 words and a per word fee rounded up to the nearest pence if the story exceeds 3000 words:

Tier 1: £30/3000 words. £0.011 per word over 3000 words.

Tier 2: £38/3000 words. £0.022 per word over 3000 words.

Tier 3: £45/3000 words. £0.033 per word over 3000 words.

If you suspect that a story would reach 5000 or more words, make sure to commission it as a two-part story, to avoid a huge extra cost.
There are no limits to the number of parts a story can have, but be aware of the long time-frame and price, as every part will have the extra word additional costs.

There is no discount for stories that do not reach the 3000 word mark.

All commissioned stories I write will be uploaded to my gallery with a mention of the commissioner. You can order a commission anonymously so your name is not on the published work, but make sure to let me know before work begins.
You may order a commission to be private for an additional 10% fee on top of the final cost. I will never upload a private commission, though during writing the slot on my status page will still be filled for reference purposes.

I use Paypal for all payments, and will ask for an email once payment is required to send an invoice/request.

I am not an artist, but I have purchased a drawing tablet to try and start learning. If you want to ask me to draw something, I can try, but it will be from a less than novice who will make something very low quality.


Contact me through private messaging if you want to make a commission, or for any enquiries about my rules or prices.


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  2. Status: Reserved - 'Twixt Dusk and Dawn' for Anonymity
  3. Status: Open