Hereforvore's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


I like to write vore, and enjoy a bit of roleplay. If you would like a specific scenario done as a commission, give me a private message and I'll get back to you.

Currently trying to push past some major writers block, not taking any more commissions until I manage to finish the ones I'm working on, and won't reopen them until I feel I can comfortably get them done quickly, to avoid any massive delays in the future.

I will do all commissions in the order i receive them, so if you are later in the list, you will have to wait longer for me to get to work on it.

If you want something in a story that is in my 'Won't do' category, you can still message me to ask. I will ask for specific details about the parts i might have a problem with. If i accept, it will be for the higher price as listed below. This price is non-negotiable, as I will be writing things i am not comfortable with.

Will Do / Won't Do

Won't Do/Will Cost Extra:
-Scat (Bones and clothes are fine)
-M/M (Just not my thing, possible exceptions when multiple prey, see my Star Vorsus the Forces of Evil story)
-Characters under the age of 18 (temporary terms while policy is active on site)
-Over-the-top gore
-Full furry (Demis are fine)
-MLP (human and Demi versions are fine)
Will Do:
-Literally anything that isn't in the won't do. Want a loli to be fucked to death then cooked and eaten in several pieces by Cthulu? I'd do that. Want a girl to be turned into a demi's futa dicksleeve? Can do. How about a slime girl slurped down someones throat, only for them to corrupt and take control of the host? No problem.

If you do want something done and message me, make sure to include every last detail about what you do and don't want in. I have a habit of filling in blanks myself.

Also, bear in mind that if it isn't in my gallery, I haven't written it yet. There are still things I would be writing for the first time.


I will not ask for money until the story is finished, unless it is a very long one, or multiple parts. I will message a short extract from the story before you pay so you get an idea of what i have made.

A story commission of up to 3000 words: £25
A story commission the same length, but with 'Won't Do' material: £45

I will charge a small amount for extra words, at a rate of £0.012 (rounded up to the nearest pence) for every word over 3000. If you suspect that a story would reach 6000 or more words, make sure to commission it as a two-part story, to avoid a huge extra cost.
There are no limits to the number of parts a story can have, but be aware of the long time-frame and price, as every part will have the extra word additional costs.
For a story with "Won't Do" content, the extra word cost is increased to £0.033 for every word over 3000.

There is no discount for stories that do not reach the 3000 word mark.

I use Paypal for all payments, and will ask for an email once payment is required to send an invoice. Any PayPal fee will come off at my end, no extra for fees required.


Contact me through private messaging if you want to make a commission, or for any enquiries about my rules or prices.


  1. Status: Reserved - Card Captive Sakura for stefand
  2. Status: Reserved - The First Vorestaurant Part 3 for puck5
  3. Status: Reserved - Lilo and Stitch Commission for Anonymity