HereticalTendencies' posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


First, hello! I’m new to the whole commissioning process, but I’ve now got a few commissions under my belt. Rules are likely to change as I become more experienced. Thus, I reserve the right to decline all commissions if I do not feel comfortable with subject matter.

I probably missed some things here, or lacking some detail. Feel free to contact me to ask questions, specifics, or simply chat a bit on Discord!

Will Do / Won't Do

Will Do / Won't Do
Will do:
All types of vore (OV, UB, AV, BV)
Non-Fatal everything
Female Preds
monster girls
Sexual Encounters
Fatal (digestion and etc.)
Male preds
monster/plant preds
animal pred/prey
Others to be added here

Fan fiction
M/M mating stuff
Others to be added here

Wont do:
Scat, fart, general waste stuff.
Other to be added here


Price and Commission structure

Rough Word count is to be established on commission start, to give a rough estimate of how long the commissioner is looking for the story to be. However, during the writing process this value may and is often expected to change by half the starting value in either direction. (EX: If rough word count is 3000, then the final word count could range anywhere between 1500 – 4500). If you want there to be a very strict word count, or complete freedom over length of the story, please inform me upon commission start.

If there is a change in wordcount from the agreed upon rough word count that would change the price, I will confirm with the commissioner that such an increase or decrease in word count still fits within their budget and desires. Any word count over the final agreed upon value is not charged.

Once the story has been finished, and has been self-edited to the best of my ability to reach a Final Draft stage, I will request payment based upon that word count. Once payment is processed, I will send you the story. If anything within the story is not to the commissioner’s tastes, they can point it out and I will make up to two additional editing passes on the entire story based upon their requests for changes, to a reasonable degree.

Cost is 4$ per 500 words. (meaning 8$ per 1000 words, or 40$ for a 5000-word story) If you do not want the story to be posted in my gallery, or the subject matter is otherwise incompatible with my gallery, an additional privacy fee of 1$ per 500 words (or 2$ per 1000 words) is charged.

Again, all payments are made through Paypal once the final draft is ready to be viewed, based upon that word count. Should we be unable to agree upon price, or payment is not successfully processed submitted, I will withhold the story until such time that the full amount is paid.

I also accept art trades on a case-by-case basis. If you would prefer to do a trade, please contact me for further information.


Contact info:

Discord: HereticalTendencies#3335
Email: (slowest method)
Or PM me here at Ekas!


  1. Status: Reserved - Reserved for Commissioner
  2. Status: Reserved - Reserved for Commissioner