Hozomat's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


For the moment I only do sketch because I still struggle too much with a tablet to draw lineart, so bear in mind that the lines will be rough.

I also do photomorphs (see link below for samples)

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do :
Female Pred
F Prey
M Prey
Same size vore
Giantess vore / Shrunken prey vore
Oral vore
Weight gain (not too much)

May do (I enjoy but may not be comfortable with drawing it) :
Anal vore, Unbirth

Won't do :
Male pred
Nudity, sex, and anything with a penis
Hard vore
Graphic digestion
Anything political

If what you want is not listed, you can always ask.


Sketch no color : 15$ ( https://sta.sh/0r4lxm80b4t )
With flat color : 22$ ( https://sta.sh/01yjmb3wi2pb )
With color and shading : 30$ ( https://sta.sh/0efjqebhthg )

Additional character : +10$ (colored or not)

Sequence : up to 3 panels, 1st at the same price, and 2nd and 3rd at half price. (For instance, no color, Panel 1 with 2 characters = 25$, Panel 2 with 1 character is 15/2 = 7.50$)
If necessary, there can be "half-panels" for 5$ (for instance, focus on the face, focus on a gulp, etc)

PS : If your idea is more complex than usual (complex design / complex pose), I may raise the price, but this will be negotiable.


Just send me a PM here or on DeviantArt if you're interested. Please be polite.

Once we've agreed on the commission, I will first draw the poses, and once you approve of them, I will ask for payment through PayPal.


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open