Hughoftheskies' posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Open anytime, so please poke me with PMs or Discord whispers.

You could do anything you want with the pic. I don't care. Just note that I made the pic, please.

Commissioned pics would be uploaded on Deviantart, Eka's, Pixiv, and Twitter with a link to the commissioner's user page!

I usually use 1400x1980 Px canvas for sketches, so that'll be the resolution by default.

One commissioner can only take 2 pics per month!

Will Do / Won't Do

Will Do : Any Oral vore stuffs!
- Mawshots, POVs, Internal view, any!
- Loli/Shotas (Without nudity)
- Samesize, Micro/Macro, either's fine.
- Humans / Demi-humans / Humanoids / Furries.. Not really a racist co all of them are okay.
- Digestion, Dispoasal, Absorption, Endo, Regurgitation, Clean full tour, all of them are good enough
- AV, UB, CV, Tailvore, Hair stuff? / Mass vore / Soul vore are also okay.
- Other size stuffs (Stomping, sitting on, Ruining some buildings and planets etc)
- Hyper maybe?
- Non-vore stuffs
* Okay with BDSM or Rubber/Vacuum suits too, since I'm considering that Vore is a part of 'em

Won't Do : Not my professional!
- Scat / diapers
- Fatal cooking
- Vore unrelated hard-gore stuffs such as dismembering
- Drawing others' OCs without permission
- Character designing. Reference pics please!
- Just throwing characters and telling me to guess what you'd want. I'm not a very creative person, so


Full color stuff only! Since I don't know how to make grayscale stuffs. I literally made my full color comic black and white to print a Doujinshi, you know.

Full body : $15 per character
Half body : $10 per character.. perhaps. Pretty much negotiable.
Internal flesh : $15 by default - may increase if you want some mushy chyme in there, it takes additional time. Detailed Mawshot and tongue counts as these!

Examples are down there, and it won't be hard to find that most of them would be around $30~$40. :v


You could use PM or blog to contact me, if you happen to be interested in these silly stuffs.

Or you can find me on Discord, it's HughoftheSkies#6235. RP suggestions are welcomed too.

Make sure to Capitalize that 'S'kies.


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