Hughoftheskies' posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


You could do anything you want with the pic. I don't care..

Will Do / Won't Do

Oral soft vore only. Digestion maybe.
Not that good with furry characters though. Should practice, I dunno.


+4 (character, to waist. Default : Simple coloring / shades)
+3 (Full body/complicated design)
+5 (internal scene)

+2 (Stomach gunk, goo and steam)
+3 per char (color+shaders)
Series/sequences would go cheaper, like minus 5~10 per sequence

Examples: 2 chars(10) + 1 full body(3) + internal(5) + gunk(3) + color(6) = 24

....A bit complicated, isn't it?
Well still can be negotiated if you find the price insane or such.
I'll just take 75% of the price for people who never tried my silly stuffs.. just like a sample


You could use PM or blog to contact me, if you happen to be interested in these silly stuffs.
I am also often on OOC chat as Kamille.

I'll be using Paypal to charge.


  1. Status: Open
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  4. Status: Open