Hughoftheskies' posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


You could do anything you want with the pic. I don't care. Just note that I made the pic, please.

Commissioned pics would be uploaded on Deviantart, Eka's, Pixiv, and Twitter with a link to the commissioner's user page

Will Do / Won't Do

Oral soft vore only. Digestion maybe.
Not that good with furry characters though. Should practice, I dunno.


+5 (character, to waist. Default : Simple coloring / shades)
+3 (Full body/complicated design)
Examples of Complicated designs : (Nude characters, Samesize vore, wrigged stomach muscles instead of smooth ones, and etc )
+4 (internal scene (throat view)
+7 (internal scene (mouth/stomach view)
+4 (Stomach gunk, goo and steam)
+3 per char/internal (color+shaders)
+5 if ideas/descriptions or sketches(even stickmans are appreciated =3=) for the scenes are not provided
Series/sequences could go cheaper (-10%)
First time discount : (-15%)
Ex-1 & 2 : 2 chars(10) + 1 full body(3) + stomach(7) + gunk(4) + color(9) = 33 (first time discount : 28.05

....A bit complicated, isn't it?
Well still can be negotiated if you find the price insane or such.


You could use PM or blog to contact me, if you happen to be interested in these silly stuffs.
I am also often on OOC chat as Kamille or on vore room as Kirn.

Or you can find me on Discord, it's Kirn#6235. RP suggestions are welcomed too.

I'll be using Paypal to charge.


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