Humbug's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


- Reference image required. Quality doesn't matter so long as I understand the basics of what your character looks like, though I do request that either the image be in color or every part of the character be labeled fairly specifically ("dark blue" will get you a more accurate picture than just "blue").

- I do have preferred roles for each of these characters, but I'm willing to forgo those roles if you'd like to see something else involving them. The closer your request matches these roles, though, the quicker you'll probably get the commission.

- I reserve the right to arbitrarily reject any offer. If I find something irreconcilably objectionable, it's better for both of us that I don't take the commission.

- Five slots maximum across FA and Eka's Portal. Only one of those may be an animation at any time.

- First-paid, first-served. I do these commissions relatively quickly, though, so if you get sniped, you'll get another chance soon enough. If you want me to tell you when I'm open again, just ask and you'll get a chance before I advertise again, assuming you're not too slow (a couple of days or so) in responding to my PM.

Will Do / Won't Do

Things I will do:
- Same-size or micro/macro oral vore.
- Anthros of any gender, though I discourage M/M requests as that's not really my focus. I'll do them, but you might get a drop in turnaround time because of it.
- Human/humanoid/demi females.
- PG-13 nudity.
- Groping.
- Digestion (graphic or implied).

Things I will not do:

- Anything involving genitalia or anuses, or the penetration thereof.
- Male humans/humanoids (demis negotiable, but discouraged).
- Herms (unless it's okay for me to pretend they're just one gender or the other; I won't write "shi" in the description or anywhere in the submission, though. XD).

Anything not listed here is negotiable, so if you want something slightly different, feel free to talk to me about it.


Basically how this works is that for a base $15, you can get a frame of approximately this quality:
where a character of your choice is either eating or being eaten by one of my characters. However, for the prey to appear in that frame, whether in an internal shot or outside of the predator's body, such as appears here: , I'll need another $5. Each commissioned slot may purchase up to two of these frames. You may dictate specifics on positioning, clothing on characters, and circumstances if you wish, though negotiation may be necessary depending on what you're asking for.

In addition to that, though, I'm now offering lineart animations of approximately this quality:
for $75 or a colored animation of the same quality for $150.
A note on the animations, though: I reserve the right to be VERY picky about what I'll animate. This process is tedious and difficult, so I'd rather not feel like quitting or half-assing an animation halfway through because of a detail I could have brought up early in the commission process. Also, I will most likely stream the creation of your animation (because that's about the only way I can keep myself focused on the process), so unless you want me to do a private stream (to be scheduled via notes), expect the general public to see your animation as it's being drawn.


PM me and we'll talk.


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open