ItsSomething's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


First and foremost, know that I reserve the right to accept and reject commission, trade, and free requests for any reason.

That aside, I am just learning how commissions work. So, I will likely be slow as I first learn the ropes on how to receive payment and so forth. It will work as follows:

1: PM me with what you want. State your length tier (listed below). Provide a brief summary of what story you'll want to see, including visual references of the characters and the series they come from, if they are canons. Original characters will REQUIRE a written sample of some variety showing their personality, AS WELL AS either a written sample detailing their appearance, or an image I can refer to.

1.5: I will likely spend a few messages asking about your tastes if it is a longer story, as it will likely involve numerous kinks. This is especially true if sexual content is involved.

2: When I believe I know what you want, I will send you a summary paraphrasing our conversation for your approval, to ensure I'll be including the kinks you like. This will be, in essence, my outline for the story, subject to minor changes.

3: When the summary is approved, I will write up a first draft, and send it to you. If there are any major revisions/moderate details you want added in (i.e. a more in-depth description of some part of the story), this is where you let me know. I will also send an invoice to pay before I begin working on my second draft.

4: I will send the second draft to you for any MINOR revisions, such as grammar, phrasing, and spelling errors, and minor touch-ups on the wording used. Major revisions added here will cost extra, and I will require payment before sending the completed copy.

5: I will continue send the final draft/completed copy to you, and get your word on whether you want it to be posted on the Portal. I do not charge extra to make a commission private.

Trades are different. Basically, we each work on our end, and will send progress reports every so often to give input on how we're liking the other's piece. When one end is complete, whoever completed their end first will hold on until they receive the final copy of the other end of the trade.

Will Do / Won't Do

I will do most forms of vore and gender pairings, as well as multi-prey and mass vore. In non-vore lewd scenes, I will happily write giant dicks with tons of cum packed in their balls - so long as they're attached to someone reasonably attractive.

I won't particularly mind writing furry/anthro characters, but only if they are OCs or largely unknown canons. Sorry, Sonic & MLP fans. Case-by-case basis based on my kinks. Humanoids and demi-humans will almost always be accepted.

I will be very reluctant to do scat-based disposal, though bone disposal and cum disposal will be fine in most scenarios. Gore should be kept to a minimum, if present at all. I will also be iffy on canons that I feel I have little muse to write. I am not keen on macro pred/micro prey, but I don't mind writing it for the shorter tiers.

I have very few hard nos. I don't like body hair on human-like characters, and facial hair will almost invariably be a "no" (Five-o'-clock shadows and stubble will be judged case-by-case, so don't be afraid to ask.)


Unlike many artists, who charge by the word (or hundreds of words), I go by "Length tiers." In short, to prevent myself from being bound specifically to word counts, I place myself in tiers of length, to maximize efficiency. The first draft will be what the price applies to; the second draft may or may not bleed into another, but with the first draft, most of the work will be done. All prices are in USD.

Tier 1: Vignette; less than 500 words, these are short and sweet stories, focusing on a small lewd scene. No buildup, and few kinks will be involved. Detail only prominent when absolutely necessary. A story like this would take me very little time to write, so $3.00 is the price of a Vignette. These can be bought in a set of up to six. The second through sixth vignettes will each cost half the price of a single vignette, for a total of $10.50 for a full set.

Tier 2: Micro-story; between 500 and 1,500 words. Again very short, but likely includes some more details that vignettes lack. Often makes between minimal setup, or minimal kinks. Details will be somewhat descriptive, but rarely too elaborate. This will cost $8.00. Two can be bought at a time, with the second micro-story being half-price. The total set is, thus, $12.00.

Tier 3: Short; Between 1,500 and 3,000 words. Often has a bit more setup, with perhaps a couple lewd kinks thrown in for fun. Descriptions will be elaborate if there is no significant buildup and the lewd bits aren't too "dense." These will cost $20.00.

Tier 4: Medium; between 3k and 5k words. More kinks, and probably more descriptions, though it will typically stick to just one lewd scene. These will be $35.00.

Tier 5: Long; Between 5k and 7.5k. These are hefty stories, with meaty descriptions and a fair bit of kinks to 'em. These will likely involve multiple lewd scenes, though it isn't necessary. These will be $60.00.

Tier 6: Epic; 7.5k-10k. These are grand stories which are no longer considered short stories. These are lewd, and the lewds just keep going. Includes a constant flow of kinks and descriptions to keep you (and probably your hand) going. $80.00 is the price for one of these.

Tier 7: Oh shit; 10k+ words. These are just getting ridiculous. Like Tier 6, but harder. $100.00 is where these start, PLUS 1 dollar for every 100 words BEYOND THE ORIGINAL 10K.


For the moment, just PMing me will do fine! We can take things from there. I currently only accept payment via PayPal.


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