Jidane's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


- All prices are listed in € (Euro).
- Payment via PayPal in € (Euro) only.
- "First come, First serve" rule applies. If there's multiple customers, commissions will be queued in the order they arrived in my mailbox.
- If queued up, payment isn't required until I can start working on your order.
- Payment up front, bigger amounts can be split with half up front and the other half after completion.
- Special offers come with their own price sheet, but else follow the same rules as the standard commissions.
- I reserve the right to add the image to portfolios, as well as my website and galleries online.
- I also reserve the right to deny a commission if it's way past over my comfort level, I deem it offensive or in any other way inapropriate.
- You may use your commissioned piece as you see fit, as long as it is for non-commercial uses.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will not do:
- Comics
- Image series as one big commission (Meaning you can have follow up images, but as a seperate orders)
- Scat/Watersports
- Underage, if there's any sexual content involved


15€ - b/w, single character (+ 8€ per additional character)
20€ - color, single character (+ 8€ per additional character)

30€ - Base price, single character
+ 15€ per additional character

Flat Color (includes cleaned up Lineart):
40€ - Base price, single character
+ 20€ per additional character

Cel Shading:
60€ - Base price, single character
+ 30€ per additional character

85€ - Base price, single character
+ 50€ per additional character

For a price sheet with example pictures, visit: http://thatgutfeeling.tumblr.com/image/63292927150


PM on EKA's or over at http://www.furaffinity.net/user/naughtychow/


  1. Status: Reserved - Feed A Koi - S1 for DireZyre
  2. Status: Reserved - Feed A Koi - S2 for Damienfox
  3. Status: Reserved - Feed A Koi - S3 for TheHungryELf
  4. Status: Reserved - Feed A Koi - S4 for MatthiasEnblade
  5. Status: Reserved - Feed A Koi - S5 for Murdock