JoraBora's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


Before you contact me: I kindly ask that you read through my commission sheet carefully and thoroughly, as that should hopefully answer most questions that you might have. I will be ignoring any PMs asking about commissions, as that clearly indicates you did not read the sheet.

I will ignore any direct message attempts about Commissions, as that is a clear indicator you did not do a thorough reading of these rules

The sure fire way to get a slot from me is to send me an email with a concise summary of your idea, including character references, and pose or composition references if you have something particular in mind. I say "concise" because while I appreciate suggestions or references, reading a ten sentence long paragraph of the image being described down to the very last meticulous detail is...anxiety inducing. I want to know what you want and how you want it, but you have to leave me some artistic breathing room.

New!: Multislot commissions are a chance for you to get a short, multi-part set of commissions without having to wait for multiple commission openings! These will max out at 3 for a single commission session, and there will be limitations depending on the exact commission session, such as no comics, or only two multislot pieces at once, or multislots won't be available at all. I'll be sure to make it clear what the limitations are before commissions open so you can plan accordingly!

New!: Well, not really new, but I'm making a point to advertise the ability to get sketches I've done in the past colored for a discount of what the final price would be if you'd ordered the image from scratch! This means if you got something from a sketch commission stream or a sketch commission in a previous commission session, or you just really like one of my other miscellaneous sketches, you're more than welcome to fund taking it to completion! Payment will happen up front, since there's no approval necessary for posing or composition.

About Comics: Before you go jumping on getting a ten panel comic page, I'm going to ask that you stop to take a moment and be considerate of other potential commissioners. The more complicated your order, the longer it's going to take for everyone to get what they want. Plus it's probably gonna be expensive, so there's that too.

Comics also require a detailed panel-by-panel outline. If you simply send me an email saying "I want a five panel comic of x doing y to z," I'm going to turn you away. That being said, I'm not here to read a novella either. I'd say 1-3 sentences per panel describing the action, perhaps with expression, angle, and pose direction/suggestions.

See Commission Sheet and Invoice Terms and Conditions for further rules.

Will Do / Won't Do

See Commission Sheet for Will/Won't Dos


See Commission Sheet for Pricing details


E-mail me at [email protected] with the subject line ""Your Username" Commission" (minus the quotes around your username). I will be taking five slots from across the web to begin with.

I recommend sending two to three references per character in the image, or references of how they should look and a short text description if no image references exist. A pose/composition reference is nice and recommended, but not required. Otherwise, a 1-3 paragraph description of the scene will do just fine. I will be open to brainstorm ideas with you if your provided scene has conflicting elements, or ideas that don't quite mesh together. Please leave me some room for artistic liberty/interpretation.