Kainan's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: No


Just don't be an asshat, my dude.

Will Do / Won't Do

Yeah Fam
- Human/oid characters
- Sex and general lewd things (up to and including hand-holding!)
- F/whatever, pretty much
- Same Size Stuff (Oral, AV, UB)
- OCs (if they ain't yours just make sure you got proof of permission on hand)

Nah Fam
- Underage stuff
- Furry stuff
- Bestiality
- MLP stuff
- Scat, Diapers, etc

If it's not on the list or you're unsure, just hit me up here or on Discord. Details in the Contact section.

Also, please have references for what you've got in mind if possible.


Base prices for a piece with one (1) character. Add $10 per additional character. Backgrounds will depend on level of detail.

$25 for Lines
$35 for Flat Colors
$45 for Colors with Shading


Eka's - You are here
Discord - Renault#2309

If you do add me on Discord just say where from, what username you go by etc.