Kenta_Daiki's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: No


Hey everyone! Kenta here! I came across CarnivorousVixen’s cracked screen problem, and decided that I wanted to help out in some way. I recently had a broken screen and it’s no fun! It can seriously impede on one’s digital drawing capabilities, since even if you use a different external screen, the tablet to screen ratio is off. She already does commissions for her regular survival needs, so I thought I’d help get some money flowing towards replacing her screen. The idea is just to raise $60 for her.

Slots and how they will work:
First, PM your idea to me. I will then approve, negotiate, or reject said commission. If it’s approved I’ll slot you in, and once CarnivorousVixen gets the donation I’ll send you a notice of how long it might take and begin drawing. If there is some sort of complication (Like my arms gets blown off) I will send you an update PM notifying you what happened, and what I plan to do next. I will PM you when the commission is done, and you may upload it to your gallery, keep it to yourself, or request that I put it in mine. I will not upload unless asked to. I do ask that if you do upload, that you mention that I drew it.

Basically, I’ll slot you in as long as there isn’t $60 worth of commissions listed. Also, if there is $55 worth, I will still accept a $15 commission and go over on the goal. No more after that though! It's first come first serve, but don't let that discourage you. After all, if I'm not comfortable with drawing something the next person in the queue gets the slot.
I’m not going to accept 12 sketch commissions from one person to draw a comic or anything like that. You might be able to tell this from my gallery, but I don’t like to exhaust myself on one idea. I will, however, accept multiple commissions from one person if things are running a bit slow. Let's just say every 24 hours people can have seconds or something.

Will Do / Won't Do

Things I will draw:
Soft Vore, Hard Vore, Cock Vore, Unbirth, Anal Vore, Cleavage Vore, Absorption, Soul, Scat, Digestion, any gender, characters with no gender, and internals.

Things I will not draw (Because I’m either not comfortable enough or I feel like my quality is not good enough ):
Comics, Diapers, Inflation, Underage, and characters that don’t have the permission from their owner.


$5 You get a sketch with a single character. Bellies do not count, so if you want some prey struggling inside that is fine. However, a cutaway does count as a second character. Also, scat does not count as a second character, even if the bones of a character are in it! Also, if there is one, unidentifiable limb sticking out (like a tail or something) then it does not count either. On the other hand, if a full ass and legs are sticking out of the pred, then that is too much.

$10 You get a line-art drawing and there can be two characters in it! Same rules as before apply, so if you really wanted to pull my arm you can have one character massaging the belly of another character, with prey struggling inside.

$15 You get a flat color drawing with 2 characters and the same rules as before apply!


Via PM
(Commissions are closed)