KinoTheCat's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


When requesting a commission, I need three things from you.
-I need a synopsis of the story idea you'd like to have commissioned. The bigger this synopsis, the easier it becomes for me to weave a story around it.
-I need a estimate on how many words you wish to have in the story. I need to know how long the story will be via word count due to how I price my commissions.
-I also need a description of the characters in the scenario if you'er asking me to use you're oc's. Without this, I will take full reign of the characters personality and physical traits. I am perfectly happy to do so if that's what you want as well.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will Do
-Most OC's as main characters, you need to own them or have permission to use them.
-Most vore scenarios and ideas.
-I'm willing to have scat and disposal in stories, but only as a byproduct of vore.
-All gender combinations as well. Male predators, female predators, female prey, etc.
-Transformation scenarios
-Non-vore scenarios
-Disposal and post vore
Won't do
-I have a big aversion to characters owned by media's like shows and movies, so none of those.
-Underaged scenarios, this means characters have to be 18+ of age
-Pregnant prey/preds


As of now I'm simply charging $10 per 1k words.
For examples:
2k words = $20
7k words = $70
20k words = $200
Larger commissions may be split up into multiple parts due to their length. This does not effect the price, but does split the word count between all parts requested.

The word count that you are paying for is an estimate word count. I will guarantee the story has a minimum of the paid amount of words. Depending on how the story goes and the flow of it, you may receive a story that is longer then what you paid for. I can't make stories end on the exact word count, but I can guarantee you will receive what you paid for at the minimum.


You can contact me by PM'ing me your commission request.


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