LittleRover's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


This post will be updated over time.

Single Character + Simple Vore = £23/€27/$30
Two Characters + Detailed Vore = £30/€35/$40
Comic Pages = £70/€80/$90

Prices are a guideline and subject to change.  Some projects may justify a price reduction, some may require a price increase.  This will be clearly communicated in advance and a price will be agreed before starting the image.

Content: NSFW preferred.  I will draw any vore types, including the more unusual ones (such as nose, navel, ear, etc.).  Generally non-fatal is preferred but not required.  I will draw scat, diapers, and watersports depending on the context.  I won't be offended by being asked so if you have an idea I'm happy to hear it!  I'm very open to fetishes. =3

Process: Before paying, I will create a very rough outline of the image.  Once happy with the rough, half or full payment is accepted and progress updates will be given whilst being drawn, allowing for chances to make alterations as progress is made.  Full payment must be made to get access to the final complete image without watermarks.  All commission will then be uploaded to my galleries (on FA, Eka's Portal, Inkbunny, Weasyl, So Furry, etc. subject to content and rules).

More: Commissions that take my interest may be picked ahead of those that don't.  However it will generally be done on a first-come first-served basis.  Just send me a message if you're interested and I'll get back to you!  =3


If you have any questions/inquiries comment below or send me a note or anything.  I'll update this post to answer any questions or confusions.

Will Do / Won't Do

On my journal which I can't get to link properly and may be more up-to-date in being clear about what is on and off the table.

Below is an ecclectic mix of dos, don'ts, and sometimes for the art I produce. If you want to make a request or offer a trade (by PM or on this journal), I'll accept pretty much anything if I can fit it in and it doesn't interefer too much with my own stuff/is more interesting to do than my own stuff and I like the idea enough. Mainly check with the Don'ts and Sometimes lists to check if its something I'll say no to or decide if I'm in the mood for. I don't think I can think of all the stuff I do and don't like just here. There are just so many little kinks I like the idea of!


- Oral, Anal, Cock, Sheath, Vaginal, Pouch, Tail, Navel, Breast, Nipple, Nasal, Wing, Ear, Other Orifice Vore.
- Object Vore (as Pred and Prey =3) for any orifice - I usually like to make predator objects slightly stretchy/deformable to assist in its predation ^-^
- Flushing, Vaccum, etc. vore
- Hammerspace
- Especially Cock Vore and Unbirth.
- Especially especially with endo themes.
- Same Size and Size Difference - Small Pred and Large Prey is actually a scenario I love but haven't yet drawn, I am iffy about extreme size differences, see sometimes.
- Absolutely any sex or gender, including the more offensively named cboy and dgirl, or anything strange you imagine. I do like to have males though so preferably not exclusively females involved, at least one male somewhere even if "helping".
- Any/Any Gender/Species Sex in any bizzarre arrangement of positions and insertions, the more lude the better!
- Any animal or species from any franchise - but I don't tend to like altering defined characters from franchises I know well, see don'ts.
- Pokemon, Digimon, MLP, Humans, Real Animals, Dragons, Mythical Creatures, Made Up Creatures as Preds and Preys in any combos
- Anthros, Ferals, Taurs, Spider-Taurs, etc. as Preds and Preys in any combos
- Clothing - It's a civilised society!
- Fluids, Goop, etc. - I love most bodily fluids and am more than happy to include them and try them out.
- Awkward Positions - I like difficult perspectives!
- Internal Views - Probably my favourite thing to draw ever!
- Single/Two Page Comics - I always have a 1 page longer comic than I expect.
- Multiple Page Comics - Got a few of those now.
- Cameo Appearances for Characters - If you have a character you would like to see in a certain type of scenario then I would be happy to feature them in something like Random Encounters just for fun. ^-^
- Hypers - I love creatures, especially predators, to be well endowed. There is a rough limit to this, I won't go so high that the character is resultantly immobile. They can become immobilised thanks to "refills" though.
- Watersports - It's a bit of a guilty pleasure, but anything I do of this is will be tagged and covered in an icon.
- Underwear - Rubbing against silky male briefs... purr... I don't know why I love the idea so much!
- Digestion - It will tend to be fizzy water that wears down prey, crushing walls of a stomach, or a goopy melting digestion. Digestion is reversible up to death, but it can reach a point that even regurgitation isn't enough to prevent the fluids finishing the prey off.
- Dissolving - A personal idea that involves a creature "dissolving" into a liquid such that they become indistinguishable from that liquid (like salt to water). The creature can be recovered if the liquid is separated out and the creature maintains a connected form, just as a liquid, like a slimy lump.
- Transformation - Love a transformation sequence inside the body of a creature. =3
- Incest related kinks -
- Slime
- Hyper Cum - Wow I love Spunk
- Feral/Sentient Vore and Sex - I am perfectly happy to depict copulations between a mentally feral creature and a mentally sentient creature as well as vore between the two. Bonus points for a dominant domesticated feral minded creature! =3
- Consensual, Semi-Consensual and Non-Consensual Vore and Sex - Except for traumatic rape as described in don'ts.
- Unwilling Predators - Love it <3
- Multiple Characters - I'm a glutton for punishment but absolutely adore there being several characters involved in a single sexual vore act. >:3
- Stretching, Cum Inflation
- Condoms
- Living Condoms
- Controlling and Dominant Predators
- Controlling and Dominant Prey >=3
- Diapers - I'll also warn people
- Peculiar Insides and Results - Stomach is a tempest? No problem! Womb is toxic? Can do! Sperm are snakes? Why not! I really like it when there is something strange and colourful to draw!
- Story - If there is a story behind the piece, I am all the more interested in it!
- Probably anything not listed in other categories, so if you're interested then ask me!


- Underage near anything sexual - Whilst I may have some ethical wiggle room for this, I am not willing to risk falling foul of the law for a bit of smut. :\
- Hyper Busty Female Humans - Just a strange thing I really dislike, but can accept to an extent.
- Traumatic Rape - It's one thing to have non-consensual sex in a universe where there are no negative consequences
- Blood, Gore - Hate it, destroys all enjoyment in working on a piece if it contains anything gory. But... see sometimes.


- Macro/Micro or Extreme Size Difference - Prey should be not unnoticeably small to the predator, but if they are then it is about the endo adventure not the predator. Micro predators may be okay depending on the circumstances. You'd have to impress me.
- Scat - It may be a feature for disposal but won't be the focus. If it is the focus, it's because something is alive in there. No bones though, see don'ts.
- Living Skeletons - I was convinced of some of the fun you can have with skeletons thanks to this piece, but they'll only be there if they will be pred at some point. ^-^
- Soul Vore - If it tickles me enough.
- Absorption Vore - Through the skin of non-slime based creatures is a bit strange to me.
- Age Regression - I love the concept, but am iffy about execution, mainly for legal reasons. If it is devoid of sexualisation whilst there is a minor around, then maybe, for the same reasons why underage is on the strictly don'ts.
- Cock Transformation or other body part transformations - Depends on my mood and how/why its happening. It would be an interesting project at the very least.


Souls. Or stories. I like moderately or better written stories.


Here or on FurAffinity is the best way either through shouts or the messaging/notes in those. Alternatively you can send me an email to [email protected] if you want to be able to remain fully anonymous.


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