Littlelich96's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes



TRADES: trades will be discussed over private message, or in a DA note (Littlelich96 on DA).

COMMISIONS: i reserve the right to refuse any commission request put forth to me, whether due to subject matter, characters involved, my current workload, or other reasons not specified here. 50% payment is expected BEFORE work will begin, and i will provide regular updates on the progression.

Will Do / Won't Do


*if your idea seems kinda grey, ask!! If it definitely fits into the NOT GOOD DON’T ASK, then...don’t ask…*


Same size vore
Oral vore
Soft vore
Mild hard vore
Halfsize prey
Digestion (soft and mildly graphic)
Mild gore
Non vore related belly art
Original characters over 18
Fanart with characters over 18
Mild sexual content
Creature pred/prey
Human pred/prey
Fantasy pred/prey
Trans and nonbinary prey/preds
Intersex prey/preds
All genders of prey/pred*


Fanart with characters under 18
Original characters under 18
Explicit scat
Hardcore sexual content
Breast vore
Cock vore
Vore involving real people

*please note this what i am willing to do in terms of commission and trades, for personal art i am generally not interested in female preds.

*traps being defined here as a degrading depiction of transgender (including nonbinary) and/or intersex individuals with emphasis on the deception of their “true” sex/gender/genitalia, especially in a fetishistic and dehumanizing manner.


*prices may be altered due to design components being sufficiently complex or detailed, extra charges may apply for the addition of complex backgrounds, additional characters, or complex poses or outfits. Details will be discussed when negotiating the details of a commision. All commissions are done through paypal only*

SKETCHES: stars at $5 per single character or $7 for internal view

LINE ART: starts at $10 per single character or $12 for internal view

MINIMAL COLOR: starts at $15 per single character or $17 for internal view

FULL COLOR: starts at $25 per single character or $27 for internal view

COMIC PAGE LINE ART: one page starts at $35 and two pages spread starts at $45

COMIC PAGE MINIMAL COLOR: one page starts at $50 and two pages spread starts at $60

CHARACTER PROFILE (B/W): full two page spread starts at $45, please provide as much info about the character as possible with references if possible.

CREATURE DESIGN: starts at $20 for B/W or line art, $25 for minimal color, and $30 for full color. Detailed description is necessary and i will provide drafts of designs to be reviewed before proceeding with final product. Once drafts are confirmed, there will be a $3 charge for major design edits there after.


private message or notes to my DA account (also Littlelich96)

commissions are first come first served and when slots are filled I will not accept new until all slots are empty.

Trades are at my discretion of whether or not i can take them on and are on a case by case basis.


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