LordVengeance's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


See Will Do/Won't Do

Paypal is [email protected]

Will Do / Won't Do

I am willing to try anything once. However, I would prefer the following general conduct from a requesting party:

1. Be civil.
1(A). This meaning that patience is encouraged, as well as phrasing your request in a reasonable manner. Not, for instance, "[email protected] mmy char!"- or whatever that translates to in the writing equivalent, seeing as I am by no means an artist. "If you could endeavor to write a dragon devouring a priestess in a sensual manner, I would be most gratified, and thank you for your time" would receive a much better reception and effort.
1(B). Being civil does not simply refer to tact or manner. It also refers to how you help me to help you. The more detailed and concise the request, the more accurately I can approximate what you are looking for, and the better off we'll both be.

2. When I say I'm willing to do anything, I mean it, but bear in mind I may not do it well.

3. This being said, if you are displeased with the product, I will scrap it and start again.
3(A). I will continue to work it and rework it until you are either satisfied or you abandon all hope on my behalf.
3(B). For this reason, I ask that you be brutally honest with me, and for critique or suggestion at any given opportunity.


Pricing will be negotiable.

As a matter of fact, I don't value my work or time that highly, at least not in writing- my general rate would be from $0.50 for a total commission to $5.00, depending on the size, complexity, and admittedly the belligerence of the client.

I would rather you name the price you are willing to pay.

Requests are free.

Per art trade, I here become a greedy bastard- I demand a page for a page, whether in writing from a writer or a drawing from an artist. For a fifteen page story, therefore, there would be fifteen pages or fifteen drawings.

Note, however, that these may be as simple as sketches, rather than colored comic affairs. THAT much is your choice. Trade knowing your peril.


You may reach me on YouTube as DarthVengeance0325.

You may reach me on Yahoo at [email protected]

You may reach me here as LordVengeance, either in Private Messages or in Shouts/Comments.

You may reach me on DeviantArt as DarthVengeance0325.


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