MagnificentArsehole's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


All Payments are to be paid using PayPal, through invoice, before anywork is started for the commision(s).

There are no limits on what I will draw, only limits on what I will post to sites online. I have no issues doing private or anonymous commissions. If there are any questions or concerns just ask.

Please give information about what it is wanted in comm, describe the scene, pose, background, style, etc. I have no issue with a lot of detailed information for an image. Do keep in mind I will charge for excessive edits.

Extra detail in the image such as texture, lighting, background(s), and/or edits can will add to the cost. Style can also add to the cost, depending on complexity.

Will Do / Won't Do

No Limits, everything is free game, epecially on this site.

However that doesn't mean I will post it.


Sketch $10

+$5 Extra details
+$8 Additional Character

Line Work $20

+$10 Extra detials
+$15 Additional Charcater

Flat Color + $10

+$15 Simple/Cell Shading
+$30 Full Shading

Colored Headshots $25

Head shot example:


Discord: MagnificentArsehole#9131
Email: [email protected]


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