Malezor's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


Greeting to all!

How does it work?
You send to me an email ([email protected]) Or you can also sent me a PM or Note on what you would like me to draw, that is, a detail description of the image and the characters you want. If you have any image reference of the characters please provide them. Once I receive payment I will make a preliminary sketch of the drawing you want and send it to you, when you approve the sketch I will draw the final version and send it to you.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will draw: Pretty much anything you guys want me to draw.
Will not draw: I can’t think of anything right now, but if your commission is something I don’t feel comfortable drawing I will let you know.

*I make comics and sequences. Email me with details and we will discuss prices.*


Lineart: $20.00
Just the lineart ($5.00 extra for each additional character.)

Shade lineart: $25.00
A lineart draiwng with shade on it. ($10.00 extra for each additional character.)

Monotone color: $30.00
Lineart with slight coloring and slight lighting. ($20.00 extra for each additional character.)

Full Color: $40.00
Lineart with full coloring and detailed lighting.($25.00 extra for each additional character.)


If you hve any questions, just contact me, here is the info:

Sent me a PM or a Note.
Or you can sent an email to: [email protected]