Mamerui's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


1. I reserve the right to accept/reject any request, trade, or commission.

2. Payment for commissions will be accepted when I'm about to start your image, meaning there may be some deal of time between me accepting your commission and you making payment. This is to help ensure that you don't pay and then have an excessively long wait, as was the case with my previous payment set-up. If you don't respond within 24 hours of me messaging you, I will be moving onto the next person in line.

3. If you decide you don't want your commission anymore, I will take payment based on the amount of work I've done on your image and then refund anything leftover.
- If I decide to cancel your commission myself, I will issue a full refund, regardless of the amount of work I've put in.

4. Please remember that prices are not set in stone. Super-detailed characters/outfits will cost more.

5. If you don't provide picture references for what you want, I am entitled to charge extra for changes.
- Any changes that need to be made because I missed a detail are entirely free. The exception to this is if I send you a WIP to clarify if things are alright and you okay it.

6. I don't do private commissions/art. It isn't at all rewarding to draw an image I can't share with people.
-a.)I am willing to keep an image secret for a short time (30 days from completion date) or to not name you as the commissioner.

7. Please keep in mind that Patreon work takes priority over commission work and so when I take your commission, it might be a several months before your image is completed! I appreciate your patience and willingness to work with me despite knowing this. I

Will Do / Won't Do

-Female pred
-Male Pred
-Same-size vore
-Internal Shots
-Oral Vore (obviously)

-Character Design
-Anal Vore
-Herm/Intersex characters
-Soul Vore
-Graphic Digestion
-Detailed/tight Bulges
-Hard Vore

-Breast Vore
-Cock Vore
-Hyper/Hyper Appendages
-Real life people
-Foot Fetish content
-Vacuum-tight bellies.

If you are unsure, please ask! The worst I will do is say no. :)


All prices are in USD. Payment only via paypal. I will send you an invoice when it comes time to pay.

~$25 for uncoloured sketches (+10 per additional character)
~$30 for flat-coloured/monochrome sketches (+15 per additional character)
~$45 for shaded sketches (+20 per additional character)

Gradient/flat colour backgrounds are free.

Up-charges will be issued for: props, complex/detailed backgrounds, and complex designs. This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, as some things will be harder/take more time than others.


PM me here if you have any commission requests/inquiries (or any other questions, really), or PUB me on the chat on the username Nukey. Alternatively, you may add me on my discord that I have listed on my main profile page.

If you're wondering about the queue, it has been moved to Discord, as it's much easier to maintain and update there since I'm on Discord much of the time.


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open