Mark45's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


Commissions open.

4 slots for now, maybe I'll add some later.

One slot offered in the case of a giveaway (whenever I decide it) or for special occasions.

One commission per person.

I don't do request and I don't accept trades.

Story commissions only.

I get the right to refuse the commission.

Paypal upfronts payments only.

Please, to avoid any confusion, misunderstanding or bad surprise, read the will/won't do before ordering.

Please, don't be a dick/insistant/agressive.

I'll send you a txt/pdf file when it is done. (The choice is yours on this one)

You can publish the story on your own if you want, but give me the credits and do not try to sell it, please.

I can take anonymous commissions.

The goal of those commissions is mostly to help with my own, just so you know.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do :
- Most vore types : from standard oral vore to absorption;
- Female/male pred/prey;
- Moderate weight gain/expansion;
- Size difference/giantess/giant;
- Animal/monster vore;
- Futanari;
- Hyper cock/breasts/butt;
- Transformation (Disguised creatures but not transformation into another species);
- Casual vore;
- Original fantasy settings are fine if enough details are given;
- OC's (OCs borrowed from someone else are fine, but make sure you have the owner's approval first please);
- Sentient fat;
- Shrinking;
- Incest.
- If you're thinking about something I didn't mention, don't hesitate to ask me;

- mass vore;
- safe vore/non fatal;
- reformation.
- Age regression;

Won't do (And I would like to emphasize the WON'T...Or maybe but I'll ask 2x the regular prices, and that is only for some of them) :
- male/male sex; (I don't mind male/male vore but I can't write male/male sex scene)
- Actual zoophilia;
- Underage;
- People with childish behavior, even if they are supposed to be eighteen years old or more;
- Extreme weight gain;
- Scat/gas/smell/sweat;
- Characters/stories based on already existing franchises. (There are some exceptions like MIB 2 or Deep rising, but in general, I prefer to focus on original content);
- Long ass super mega extended stories;
- MLP;
- Whacky nonsensical crazy stories;
- Brutality/gore/torture;
- blood (vampire stories are fine though);
- cooking vore;
- rape;
- anything involving racism, sexism, politics or something in the same category;
- baby, diapers, that kind of stuff.


Since the goal is to help a little with commissions, so prices may get momentarily higher depending on the projects I have in mind, but the base prices are as followed :

20 $ for 2500 words or less, +1$ for every additional hundred words.

Alternate endings/scenarios :

Free if the changes/additions in the alternate version are minor (alternate character, slight alternative digestion results...).

5-10$ if we are talking about an actual change to the story itself (like an entirely different vore scene or ending).

Upfront payment, 20$ first + the rest at the end, depending on the final word count.

Changes to the stories will not be charged unless they actually change it in a significant way or if a significant portion of work as already been made on it.

Examples :
- substantial changes to the story or vore scene themselves;

Some precisions :

NO! I am not going to artificially bloat the story just to get more money.

NO! I am not going to ask for 10$ more if the story is like 2501 words long. But if we are talking about 2600 or something like that, then yes.

Refunds work like this :

-Full refund if the story has not been worked on yet or very slightly;

-Partial refund if work has already been started on it, will vary depending on the amount.

-No refund if the story is almost or fully done.


Send me a private message and we can talk about that.

Discord is also an option.