Mecho's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


When it comes to art trades there is a few things:
Keep the deadline we agreed on.
I don't trade with everyone and must feel it's worth it. So tip: Always ask if you would like to. The worst thing that can happen is that I say "no" I don't bite after all :)

Requests is a no, no. Though. You can always share your ideas.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do:
I'm open for many things! Furries, M/M, demis, demons, humans, yaoi, dragons, animals, OCs, canon characters, soft vore, hard vore, non vore and so on. Just hit me up. Just because it isn't in my gallery doesn't mean I won't draw it. Maybe YOU let me draw something for the first time =) So don't be afraid to ask.

Love to do:
Multiple preds (Soft vore)
Furries (Animals are very fun to draw in general)
Saliva/liquids/things that shines (Water, latex, glass, lightning)

The few things I won't do:

Private art. (I will always upload it on my gallery. This is my way to show others how I work. Though, if you wish to not getting tagged that is absolutely okey!)

Preg stuff
Underage sexual stuff
Female preds (But ONLY if they are eating. If you have a female pred character just standing there looking sexy and all, I can absolute make it happen!) I can also make them if there is nothing that is pointing out the gender (Like boobs, vaginas and so on) Female animals are okey for an example. Also ?/M ?/F are okey.


Full body: (My standard artstyle)
No colors (Linework only) 20USD
Add flat colors +15USD
Add standard shading +13USD
Add deep shading +7USD
Simple Background +10USD

For every additional character 50% (Full body)

Maw shots 70USD.

I can mimic pretty much any art style.
There are price variations based on the art style, complexity and other factors of the work, so always ask me if there is any uncertainties/and to get the exactly pricing.

Other stuff:

Robotic themes are always 10% off <3


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