MementoMori's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes



I Open My Commissions on the 1st of Each Month, at around 3:30 PM Pacific Time!

Current Status:
Full, monthly batches only
Check corresponding monthly journal/submission for more info on current slot availability.

You must be 18 years of age or older to order anything from me, even if it's something SFW. No exceptions.

Full commission payment is required up-front, via Paypal, before your order is started. Once your order is placed, payment is required as soon as you're able to pay it. When you order, I'll ask what your Paypal e-mail is so I can send an invoice :)

Note on Payment for Multi-page Comic Orders:
You may pay it all up-front if you wish to, or I discuss a monthly payment plan with the commissioner.

Also note that I can only accept Paypal for payment.

Each customer may claim up to 2 slots per month.

Group Orders/Split Payments: These are allowed, just let me know this when first reserving your slot. My slots are per order - if someone else in your group already reserved a slot for it, please do not reserve another slot unless you were wanting to place a secondary order beyond your group order.
For Split Payments, I will be invoicing the overseeing commissioner who placed the slot for the full amount of the order, and each other person involved in the order will pay to this particular person their share of the order. They then pay once they received everyone's share, thus being able to pay the full invoiced amount.

For solo (non-group) orders: I can only allow split payments for multi-page comic orders and/or multi-picture image sets.

Once you place your order and pay, Patience Is Required - please be patient with me while I finish your order, I will get it done as soon as I can, but sometimes they take more time. I don't like to rush my work, I want to give you quality pictures! :) So please understand that placing your order during a certain month's batch doesn't necessarily mean I will finish yours during that same month!
I suffer from a serious mental disorder, so I apologize if sometimes I don't get to your order as quickly as one might like - rest assured, I am doing my best to give you the utmost quality of work! :)

For Multi-Page Comics: Please be especially patient with these, but if you ordered a multi-page comic you can expect to receive, on average, one of your paid-off pages per month. Please note, I only draw pages you paid for so far.

Upon completion of your order: You will receive 2 versions of your finished artwork attached to a PM - the "Standard Size" (which is the shrunken, polished 'finalized' artwork that would be posted places - 1600 pixels on the longer side), and the "Hi-Res" or 'working size', which is usually 3200 pixels on the longer side, it's the raw, less polished version, for your personal viewing pleasure.
However, if you ordered many variations for your order, I only provide the Hi-Res versions upon request, because I don't have enough room in the PM to send all the attachments. I also only provide Hi-Res upon request for edits past the original file I gave you for my own sanity's sake.

Refunds: I cannot allow refunds on any artwork that has already been started on or completed.

Edits are allowed, and are priced accordingly:
Free edits: Edits are free if what you asked for and what I drew are clearly off (I made something green instead of gold, I accidentally flip-flopped the pred and prey, etc.)
All other edits are still do-able, but are charged ranging from $5 to $50 depending on the complexity of the edit.
However edits so complex that I would have to redraw the entire picture cost as much as a whole picture.
Also, please don't argue with me about whether or not an edit should have been free if I do charge for the edit and you want to go through with it. :(
Edits are hard on the artist, so usually I'm charging if it's not clearly off and it'll be hard to do, or if it's something you asked for as an afterthought that you didn't tell me about.
For comics, edits to add or remove a panel generally aren't allowed, as this disrupts the whole flow of the rest of the comic page.

Changing your order to something else after you placed it:
If you didn't pay for it yet and I haven't started on it yet, you can do this no problem, no questions asked.
If you already paid for it: Please refrain from doing this if you can, but if the changed order is of equal or lesser value, you may do it. However, please understand I can't refund you the potential differences in the price if you had ordered on its own instead of as a changed order since this throws off my workload and complicates things a great deal for me. Also, if the changed idea is not equal or lesser value, aka. it's worth more than the original order you paid for, you'll have to pay for the difference of how much more the new idea is worth than the price you originally paid for first. I really prefer people keep their order to what they originally asked for due to all of this.

I only provide a WIP shot if specifically requested to provide one. Also, I cannot offer WIP shots with comic orders as this could change the price I gave you for it, so it's just much easier on both parties if I don't allow it. Thanks for understanding! :)

Private Orders: I allow private orders, if you specify you want it to be private I will never upload it anywhere and I will never show it to anybody, only to you. Likewise, please understand that if you order something from me, I'm not for sure going to upload it to my gallery and you shouldn't be expecting me to; for example unfortunately I don't have enough freetime to upload all the orders I get, for one thing, so just be aware of that! You are always allowed to upload it to your own gallery if you like, though!

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. I reserve the right to bar you from ever ordering commissions from me again if you're treating me too poorly, and/or cancel your order if you're treating me that way. In the most extreme instances I've had to block people over this, do not do it. Basically, please treat me with the respect you'd want yourself! Just please don't be all rude, snide or passive aggressive to me and we'll be OK. Respect my rules and my pricing, no being snarky about it or your slot can and will be given up

Will Do / Won't Do

If it's not listed in my Will Draw section, I probably won't draw it, but you can always feel free to ask just to be sure. :)

Will Draw:

I'm 100% comfortable with drawing any humans, humanoids and demi-humans too! :3
I'm also completely comfortable with drawing any species of animal (anthro or feral!), wings, etc. etc.!
I'll draw any gender too - male, female, herm, intersex, trans, genderless, etc. etc.! :)
I'll draw characters without a visual ref (text description), but it costs extra, depending on complexity of the description provided.
I can use a real photo of you as ref if desired but it costs extra

For Vore:
Females, Males and Herms (as Pred or Prey)
Furries, Ferals, Humans, Demi-Humans, and Humanoids
Same Size
Soft Oral Vore
Clean Anal Vore
Cleavage Vore
Breast/Nipple Vore
Absorption (No Post-Absorption Hyper-BodyPart-Growth though)
Lolis or Shotas (as Pred or Prey) - Clean Vore Scenes only like that shown on cartoons, no nudity or sexualized vore scenes with these.
Melty Digestion
Clean Full Tour
Cock Vore
Hair Vore
Tail Vore
Softcore Non-Fatal Cooking/Preperation
Hard Vore:
NO decapitation or heads (It's a trigger for me) but I am happy to do the following Hard Vore scenarios:
Soft Cutting/Slicing/Butchering anywhere up to the shoulders (no organs, just like ham slices). I'm really into this scenario and I would be happy to draw it. I also am happy to draw chewing Hard Vore (Same-Size or Macro/Micro). Vampirism. Candy Guro Hard Vore. Any kind of Pre-Vore Cooking/Preparation, so long as the prey is alive. Again I'm really into all these things myself and would be happy to draw it. Blood is fine. What I won't draw is death (I always want the prey alive), skinning, guts (I always cartoonize it to a ham-slice look), and again, decapitation.

For Non-Vore:
General Clean/SFW Themes - pretty much anything is OK for this one really
Romantic/Shipping-esque Artwork (Any Gender, Any Sexual Orientation)
Sexy Pin-ups (Any Gender, Any Sexual Orientation)
NSFW porn, ie. two characters having sex basically (Any Gender, Any Sexual Orientation)
BDSM - Most themes are OK, and again Any Gender, Any Sexual Orientation is OK
Foot/Paw themes are OK too

Whether it's vore or non-vore, I allow any orders to have existing characters, your own OCs, and other peoples' OCs(so long as you have explicit permission to use them from their owner)

Some Themes That I Definitely Won't Draw:
Sexually-Explicit scenes with minors -- clean vore scenes like they'd show on a cartoon are OK, but overt sexualized vore scenes with nudity (even if it's artistic nudity), sexual activities, etc. involving minors are not allowed. Again, while I allow clean, non-sexual vore of Underage characters, Underage Preds or Preys in Sexual situations or Nude is not allowed.
Trying to copy styles other than my own (if you order it from me, it will be in my style)
Face Imprints (ie, on bulges)
Smelly Feet, General Smelliness/Odor play
Graphic Digestion (Only Digestion I'll draw is melty digestion. Won't draw melty faces either, it's too weird-looking/borderline disturbing to me)
Gore (Blood is fine, but no organs - I cartoonize Hard Vore to look like ham slices)
Decapitation or Heads
Hyper Bodyparts (hyper genitalia, feet, muzzles etc., you get the idea), I also won't draw hyper bodypart growth
Very Complicated Mechas
Also, I ask, please don't overly-complicate your description of what you'd like drawn when you order.
Also if you want something exact like for example, exact sizes (ie. if you want your micro to be 1.5 inches tall, or your character's boobies are a DD cup), when drawing sizes like that, please understand that it was my interpretation of the size and I did my best okay? :3


Base Prices include 1 character and simple gradient/colorwash/pattern background; extra characters, internal shots, etc. cost extra. Complicated order descriptions cost extra (please keep it brief and to-the-point as possible if you want to avoid that).

Grayscales, starting at $50
Monochrome manga/doujinshi-esque look with digital deleter screentones shading.

Toned Colors, starting at $75
Basically, it's a pastel-colored version of a grayscale - has soft colors and is shaded with tinted digital deleter screentones.

Full CGs, starting at $85
The most popular commission type. Vibrant colors with many details and soft, gradiated shading. My highest caliber.

The price of your specific order varies, based on the number of characters included, whether or not it has a detailed background, any internal panels or cut-aways, etc.

To find out the exact price of any picture you are thinking about ordering, please PM me for a no-obligation quote. I don't bite! :) To easily PM me, use this link:

For Comic Orders:

The price for these vary greatly and I can't tell you an exact quote for the order until your slot is reserved and I template the comic page(s) out for you. It is priced per panel, not per page.
However, here's a very rough ballpark estimate of what you can expect to pay (yours may be more or less than this):
Grayscale Comics are usually ~$120 per page
Toned Color Comics are usually ~$160 per page
Full CG Comics are usually ~$250 per page


Contact via PM.


  1. Status: Reserved - Slots for This Month Are Currently Full!