MinaHyena's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


--<3 WIP <3--

-I usually like to accept payment after the sketch stage, I'll let you know if for whatever reason that may change.

-I give a few free edits of the lineart/coloring for free, but if many edits or very complex edits are requested I may add on a small fee. Avoid this by providing as much reference as you can!

-Please don't edit your art once you've received it- If you REALLY need something changed long after the fact, just contact me and we can discuss it!

-Please give credit whenever you share my art! Just link back to my gallery here, I don't regularly upload anywhere else.

-I cannot provide refunds on art once it has been paid for, so please be sure you want the art before you send payment!

-If you choose not to go forward with the commission after the sketch stage, I reserve the right to re-purpose the sketch however I see fit!

-Just like, y'know, don't be a jerkweed!

Will Do / Won't Do

As I'm just now really getting into drawing vore, I'm trying to keep an open mind and expand my abilities! I'll put together a list as I become more comfortable with certain things, but for now just check out my art and see what you think, and never be afraid to ask! I like to consider myself a kink-positive person, after all <3

I love to draw guts and gore, especially when those guts and gore are kind of cartoonish and fun in nature. I love to play around with anatomy, break rules, and make ugly things cute or vice versa! I adore monsters and creatures of most kinds, and

Currently, my only hard NOs are underaged art, external scat(internal is ok, think magma vs lava X5), and crush kink. I also very strongly prefer to draw in my own style and not ape off the styles of others, so please understand that going in!


--<3 WIP <3--





Send me a private message here detailing everything you want out of your commission! Lots of references and a detailed description are appreciated, but if you truly desire the artists interpretation just let me know!

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