MinaHyena's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


-I accept payment after the sketch has been approved, I'll let you know if for whatever reason that may change.

-I give a few free edits of the lineart/coloring for free, but if many edits or very complex edits are requested I may add on a small fee. Avoid this by providing as much reference as you can early on!

-Please don't edit your art once you've received it- If you REALLY need something changed long after the fact, just contact me and we can discuss it!

-Please give credit whenever you share my art! Just link back to my gallery here, I don't regularly upload anywhere else.

-I cannot provide refunds on art once it has been paid for, so please be sure you want the art before you send payment!

-If you choose not to go forward with the commission after you've seen my sketches, I reserve the right to re-purpose those sketches however I see fit, either for personal art or YCHs!

-Just like, y'know, don't be a jerkweed!


Will Do / Won't Do

I like to consider myself a kink-positive person! I'm here to draw vore obviously but I have much wider interests than that, and I'm always willing to hear people out! Don't feel worried to ask me about specific things you're interested in, as I want to make sure I can provide what you want from the start!

I love to draw guts and gore, especially when those guts and gore are kind of cartoonish and fun in nature. I love to play around with anatomy, break rules, and make ugly things cute or vice versa! I adore monsters and creatures of most kinds, slime, goo, saliva, body horror- but I also love the cute colorful and lighthearted as well!

Currently, my only hard NOs are underaged art, external scat(internal is ok, think magma vs lava X5), and crush kink. I do NOT copy other's art styles, and prefer to give my own twist to the designs of characters in Rule 34 art!

I love to try broadening my horizons with new types of art and new formats for illustrating, so if you have a wild and out there idea don't hesitate to ask me!



Unless by special request, I now only work in a full color and lightly shaded format! All prices below assume this level of detail, so if you want less or more please let me know right up front and we can discuss it!

--Major Items--
In a piece the major item is a main focal point- a full body, a large detailed object, an animal or a monster.

--Medium Items--
A medium item is a side focus or a smaller contained image- a halfbody, an internal shot, a mawshot, complex backgrounds, a detailed portrait, a small or less detailed object.

--Minor Items--
Smaller objects and details- a small portrait, simple objects, decorations, simple backgrounds, icons and banners. Sometimes used as a ‘fee’ for complex clothing or detailed bodyparts.

--Free Addons--
Simple color splash backgrounds, shiny glitter and effects, simple clothing, accessories.



Send me a private message here or contact my discord detailing everything you want out of your commission! Lots of references and a detailed description are appreciated, but if you truly desire the artists interpretation just let me know!

I work well both with lots of reference and when you don't really know what you want yet, just be sure you're clear about which camp you're in!


  1. Status: In Progress - Filled~
  2. Status: Open - Open~