MysteryFireCreature's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: No


1- No deformation. That only excludes body distorsion or exaggerated d1cks. Other things like expansion, inflation or growth are not appealed on the rule.

2-No weenies. Seriously, don't ask for them :T

3-There's no deadline, so I could take a way LOOOOOOOOONG time on the loop train to complete the draw or just a couple of hours if time and lazyness are separated. Really, I'm sorry for that lazy part. Sometimes I couldn't just handle it :S

Will Do / Won't Do

I do:
-defined lineart
-colouring with details (shadows, lights, contrast, etc.)
Admitted V: Oral, Anal, Boob, Bellybutton and GOO (or slime/mass)

I don't:
-The one mentioned on the first and second rule.
Non-Admitted V: Dick or another part of the body.


By PM on the EKA Portal or DM on Discord (You can find me on ETA anyways)


  1. Status: Reserved - A. Afton for Heimko
  2. Status: Completed - Professor Bellis for Geckoman33
  3. Status: Open for Request
  4. Status: Open for Request
  5. Status: Open for Request